ERC 214 zi / 216 zi
Stand-On Electric Stacker
ERC 214 zi / 216 zi Stand-On Electric Stacker
1400, 1600 kg
Model Overview
Load capacity
Lift height
Travel speed
Overall length
Battery voltage
ERC 214zi 1,400 kg 6,000 mm 12 km/h 2,395 mm 24 V
ERC 216zi 1,600 kg 6,000 mm 12 km/h 2,395 mm 24 V
  • Compact & powerful with Li-ion battery.
  • High throughput with double-decker transport.
  • More ground clearance for ramps, thresholds, uneven ground.
  • Intelligent stacking assistance systems ensure safety.
  • Smart ergonomic features for fatigue-free operation.

The robust and handy EJC Series 1 pedestrian stacker is a powerful assistant for stacking and transportation tasks in your warehouse. With its narrow working width, this stacker is particularly suitable for moving loads in confined spaces. Its manoeuvrability is supported by the crawl speed function, which allows for safe moving with an upright tiller. The multifunctional tiller arm is intuitive and can be used by right and left-handed operators alike, allowing the operator to fully focus on the stacking. This contributes to the overall safety in your warehouse. For flexible use, the robust and handy EJC Series 1 may be optionally equipped with a built-in charger, enabling fast and easy charging at any 230-V socket. This stacker is optionally available with lithium-ion technology for particularly short charging times and maintenance-free operation.

  • Significantly smaller truck dimensions due to elimination of the battery compartment.
  • Easy manoeuvring in the racking aisle.
  • High availability thanks to extremely short charging times.
  • Cost savings due to longer service life and low maintenance requirement.
  • Comfort charging system: Charging interface is ergonomically located for fast and frequent intermediate charging.
  • Battery is easily accessible and can be removed in a few easy steps if necessary.
  • Top speeds of 12 km/h and powerful acceleration with drivePLUS (standard).
  • Simple, intuitive operation.
  • Extensive support for stacking and retrieval.
  • Outstanding stability, fast lifting and lowering as well as excellent visibility through the mast.
  • Exceptional residual capacity at high heights.
  • Smooth mast transition thanks to hydraulic mast entry cushioning.
  • Cold store version.
  • Built-in charger.
  • Adjustment of travel speed depending on the load and direction of travel.
  • New, innovative warning concept consisting of three components: visual (display), audible (sound signal) and tactile (vibration in the tiller arms) in the event of overload.
  • operationCONTROL: display featuring lift height, load weight and residual carrying height, including warning if nominal and residual capacities are exceeded.
  • positionCONTROL: lift height selection including height display.
  • 3-sided protection for maximum safety of the operator.
  • Comfortable lateral standing and driving position for improved ergonomics.
  • Platform suspension (optional) is individually adjustable to the weight of the operator, ensuring joint and back-friendly travel.
  • Foot protection laser (optional): automatic reduction of the travel speed when feet protrude from the platform.
  • Robust Roof for maximum protection from falling loads.
  • Available with cross beams or panoramic window for optimised visibility.
  • Load guard available in different heights.
  • FloorSpot.
  • Generous storage compartments and storage opportunities on the options bracket or overhead guard.
  • Attachment of brackets for additional equipment.
  • Low platform height and generous entry width for easy access.
  • Easier and more intuitive manoeuvring, especially when cornering.
  • More compact tiller arm with optimal access to the truck’s functions and automatic centre positioning.
  • Off-centre arrangement for a comfortable, safe and ergonomic standing position.
  • Height-adjustable tiller head.
  • 4-inch display with language-neutral icons for the display of battery charge status with residual time display, operating hours and time.
  • Optional 6-inch display in operator view indicating lift height, load weight and residual carrying height.
  • Support arms can be lifted independently of the forks.
  • More ground clearance (overcoming uneven floors, thresholds, ramps).
  • Optional double-decker transport for higher throughput.
  • Powerful support arm lift: 2,000 kg load capacity.
  • Increased ease of use with optional sprung stand-on platform to reduce the vibrations felt by the operator.