EMC 110 B10 Electric Pedestrian Stacker

  • Outstanding ergonomics with multifunction tiller head
  • Compact and manoeuvrable
  • Gentle load depositing through gentle lowering (optional)
  • Travel with upright tiller using the crawl speed button
  • Easy charging at the mains with integrated charger
1000 kg
Lift 1540-2430 mm
Load 1.00 t
Our EMC 110/EMC B10 electric pedestrian stacker combines productivity, user friendliness and safety for the operator. It offers a wide range of options for all applications. Best example: Sorting goods in racking or feeding them onto a machine. The palletised goods are simply raised to the required height from which they can be stored or removed from the pallet without having to bend or strain.
  • Safe and comfortable stacking and retrieval
    All lifting and lowering functions are conveniently controlled from the multifunctional tiller arm. This allows the operator to concentrate fully on stacking and retrieving.
  • Working in very confined spaces
    The EMC is an especially compact pedestrian stacker. The extremely short chassis length and low vehicle weight allowing use in extremely confined spaces, in the lift and on mezzanines. The EMC is also equipped with a crawl speed button. A press of the button is all that‘s needed for the EMC to manoeuvre safely, even with the tiller up right.
  • Ideal for working ergonomically
    The tiller arm is perfectly adapted to the ergonomic needs of the operator.
  • Wide track version of EMC B10
    Ideal for lifting perimeter based pallets.
  • Lower maintenance costs
    Service-friendly components ensure lower maintenance costs in the long-term.
  • Long operating times
    The battery, when used together with the energy-saving 3 Phase system, gives long operating times.
  • Additional equipment
    • Tandem load wheels
    • CanCode for PIN activation (instead of key switch) and automatic shut-off function.
    • Discharge indicator and CanDis operating hours counter.
    • FEM/ISO fork carriage with forged.