Electric Forklift Trucks

Electric forklift trucks – agile and powerful

With our agile electric forklift trucks, you can maximise your throughput performance in narrow-aisle warehouses. 3-phase AC motors combine impressive performance with minimal consumption. You also have the choice between innovative Lithium-ion technology or tried-and-tested lead-acid batteries.

Our agile electric forklift trucks shine in warehouses offering little room to manoeuvre. Thanks to their small and compact design, these trucks can easily navigate even the narrowest of aisles. The trucks are most at home on level indoor floors, but can also handle outdoor applications with ease. As a further benefit, the mast of the electric forklift trucks is ideal for both racking and stacking and can reach lift heights ranging from 2300 to 7500 millimetres. The capacity of the trucks is up to five tons. In daily use, your drivers will enjoy the many benefits offered by our electric forklifts, including extra seat comfort, a perfect all-round view and comprehensive assistance systems to protect the operator, load and warehouse.

Electric forklift trucks with 3-phase AC technology

Our innovative 3-phase AC technology also delivers a number of advantages. It ensures dynamic handling and maximum throughput performance, even under heavy loads. And increased performance does not necessarily mean greater consumption: Thanks to regenerative braking, for instance, 30 percent of the energy is fed back into the battery. This welcome energy boost allows our electric forklift trucks to complete even more work on a single charge. Our 3-phase AC motors also require very little maintenance, thus lowering your operating costs.