EJC 112z
Electric Pedestrian Stacker
EJC 112z Electric Pedestrian Stacker
1200 kg
Model Overview
Load capacity
Lift height
Travel speed
Overall length
Battery voltage
EJC 112z 1,200 kg 4,700 mm 6 km/h 1,933 mm 24 V
  • Versatile, due to additional support arm lift
  • Manoeuvrable and compact due to narrow aisle width
  • Proportional hydraulics for precise and gentle depositing and lifting
  • All parameters in sight – thanks to the 2-inch display
  • Built-in charger for quick and easy charging of the batteries

The manoeuvrable and flexible pedestrian stackers EJC 112z can be used in a wide range of scenarios. With their additional support arm lift these vehicles reach a higher ground clearance, which allows them to cross uneven grounds, thresholds and ramps with ease. Optionally, the support arm lift can also be used for the double deck transport of two pallets at once. Here, support and mast arm are working independently from each other. Due to the compact design, the EJC 112z still remain agile, even in confined spaces. The proportional hydraulic ensures that even heavy cargo can be stacked gently and precisely. This protects the cargo as well as the stacker and the warehouse infrastructure. The powerful 3-phase AC technology is run by our long-lasting batteries, which can quickly and easily be charged with the built-in charger. For even more flexible operating hours the EJC 112z are also available with our lithium-ion technology.

  • Support arm lift, which can be controlled independently of the mast lift, offers greater ground clearance and more flexibility.
  • Lifting of support arms and battery compartment to a height of 122 mm.
  • Easily overcomes uneven grounds, ramps, crossing plates, thresholds and loading bridges.
  • Efficient transport of goods.
  • Capacity of the support arm lift: 2,000 kg.
  • Optional loading of two stacked pallets (mast lift max. 600 kg / total load max. 2000 kg).
  • Long service life with battery capacities up to 200 Ah.
  • Built-in battery charger (optional) for easy charging at any standard 230-V socket (also available with rapid charging function for charging during a shift).
  • High availability thanks to extremely short charging times.
  • No battery exchange required.
  • Cost savings due to longer service life and zero maintenance when compared to lead-acid batteries.
  • No charging rooms and ventilation required as there is no build-up of gas.
  • 2-inch display (optional) as central information and adjustment instrument.
  • Battery charge status, number of operating hours and event messages.
  • Choice of 3 travel programs.
  • Activation of the truck by EasyAccess via softkey, PIN code or optional transponder card.
  • Compact size and short aisle width for use in confined spaces.
  • Safe working also with upright tiller and activated crawl speed button.
  • Precise and gentle lifting of the load with the speed-controlled and noise-reduced hydraulic motor.
  • Gentle depositing of loads using proportional hydraulics.
  • Automatic reduction of travel speed from a lift height of approx. 1800 mm.
  • Rounded and enclosed truck contours.
  • 4-wheel concept for maximum stability.
  • Safe distance between operator and truck due to the long tiller.
  • Reduction of fork wear (optional) with slow travel and lowered forks.
  • Service access ports on front apron.
  • Support wheel with bayonet mechanism enables wheels to be changed with the truck only slightly raised.
  • Plenty of storage space for keeping tools and equipment within easy reach.
  • Paper compartment in the front panel.
  • Storage compartments in the dashboard panel.
  • Clip pad on the battery panel.
  • Load guard.
  • Entry rollers.
  • Cold store version.