EJC M10 E/EJC M10b E Electric Pedestrian Stacker

EJC M10 E/EJC M10b E
Electric Pedestrian Stacker

  • Extremely manoeuvrable due to compact design
  • Two mast heights available (1,540 mm and 1,900 mm)
  • Maintenance-free gel battery and integrated charger
Lift 1540-1900 mm
Load 1.00 t
1000 kg
Lift 1540-1900 mm
Load 1.00 t
The EJC M10 E was specially developed for the internal transfer of lightweight goods. The 0.6-kW drive motor supports the transport of pallets and goods weighing up to 1,000 kg over short distances.
  • Innovative drive and control technology
    Motors with 3-phase AC technology offer many advantages and more efficiency while simultaneously reducing the operating costs thanks to the perfect match with our own controllers.
  • Energy-efficient operation
    Economic energy management increases the efficiency and lifetime of the battery and components.
  • Compact design and ideal view
    Thanks to its compact design, the EJC M10 E is perfect for use in confined spaces.
  • Ergonomic operations
    The truck is perfectly adapted to the ergonomic needs of the operator.
  • Safe operation
    Various safety measures reduce the risk of injury for operators and guarantee a high level of safety
  • Options
    The EJC M10 E with mono mast is available in the lift heights of 1,540 mm and 1,900 mm.