EJC 212z 214z 216z 220z Electric Pedestrian Stacker with Support Arm Lift

  • Sensitive lifting and lowering with quiet, speed-controlled hydraulic motor
  • High residual capacities thanks to sturdy design and four-wheel chassis
  • Fast lifting of light loads with LiftPlus (optional up to 1.6 tonnes)
  • Additional support arm lift gives increased ground clearance
  • Electric tiller steering for especially easy steering (optional)
1200 - 2000 kg
Lift 2500-6000 mm
Load 1.20-2.00 t

The EJC 212z/214z/216z/220z pedestrian stacker is the professional solution for stacking and retrieving goods. Designed for high performance at heights of up to 5350 mm (EJC 214z), high residual capacities and long uptimes, it achieves maximum throughput. The electronically controlled, powerful lift motor provides smooth and quiet lifting or lowering of the load at the touch of a button: From smooth depositing, rapid lifting/lowering or precisely approaching the racking – the operator has everything under control at all times.

  • Intelligent control and drive technology
    Our motors use three-phase AC technology with electronic controllers perfectly optimised to your application offering more performance while reducing operating costs.
  • Versatile support arm lift
    A second lifting mechanism, the support arm lift, is used to raise the support arms independently of the forks. As a result, the EJC 212z/214z/216z/220z can overcome uneven ground, ramps and loading bridges with ease. Support arm and mast lifts operate independently of each other. The advantage: Double-decker transport of two pallets simultaneously is possible (optional).
  • Safe and comfortable stacking and retrieval
    All lifting and lowering functions can be intuitively controlled using the multifunctional tiller arm. This allows the operator to concentrate fully on stacking and retrieving.
  • High performance in every situation
    The EJC 212z/214z/216z/220z has been designed for intensive operation. Its powerful lift motor (2.2/3 kW) and dynamic 1.6 kW drive motor in 3-phase AC technology ensure maximum throughput.
  • Service-friendly design
  • Fully informed at all times
    Extensive instruments and setting options allow the operator to monitor the situation at a glance.
  • Long uptimes
    Large battery capacities ensure long uptimes