AMX 10 10e Scissor Lift Hand Pallet Truck

AMX 10 10e Scissor Lift
Hand Pallet Truck

  • Available with manual or electronic hydraulic system
  • 800 mm maximum lift for ergonomic usage
  • Optionally fitted with lateral support wheels
  • Ergonomic tiller for right- and left-handed operators alike
  • Energy and time-saving fast lift for up to 120 kg
1000 kg
Lift 714 mm
Load 1.00 t

The particularly flexible and ergonomic scissor lift hand pallet trucks AMX 10 and AMX 10e can be used for a wide variety of situations. As a lift table, a supply table and even as workbench the AMX 10 and AMX 10e stand by your side. 

With this combination of lift table and hand pallet truck, goods of all kinds can be moved and lifted up to a height where back-safe working is possible. An additional contribution to the ergonomics comes from the tiller head that can be used by left- and right-handed operators alike. 

Depending on your needs the AMX is available with manual hydraulics. For that model the cargo can be supported with additional pillars from a height of 400 mm. The fast lift ensures that the lifting itself is time and energy saving. 

As an alternative, the AMX 10e model is equipped with electronic hydraulics. Frequent changes in height can be achieved quickly and effortlessly at the touch of a button.


Efficient Handling

  • Smooth controls equally suitable for both left-handed and right-handed operators.
  • Particularly sensitive and controlled lowering of goods with the special lowering valve.
  • The optional fast lift (up to 120 kg) ensures that euro pallets can be lifted clear of the floor with just 3 pump strokes.
  • The maximum lift height is achieved with only 5 pump strokes.
  • Optimised hydraulic system for effortless pumping.
  • Drawbar pull required is reduced by the bushes on the wheels.

Built-in charger (AMX 10e)

  • Standard built-in rectifier.
  • Charging of maintenance-free batteries on every 230 V electricity outlet.
  • Charger with automatic switch-off after finished charging.

Safe and robust

  • Varying work heights up to 800 mm for a healthy posture during work.
  • Optional equipment: Lateral support wheels for movement of goods while lifted.
  • Closed fork tips in welded construction are torsion free and extremely robust.
  • Pump unit with integrated tank and lowering valve for sensitive lowering through manual lever.
  • Pressure limiting valve to protect hydraulics from overloading.

Maximum stability and durability

  • Strong forks and contoured shapes.
  • Welded tiller mounting.
  • Protected entry rollers.
  • Hardened steel.

Individual equipment

  • Different materials for wheels and rolls available, depending on ground condition and application scenario.
  • Lifting and lowering: Manual or electro-hydraulic with 0.5 kW lift motor.

AMX 10 manual hydraulic

  • Load can be brought to the optimum work height with just a few movements of the tiller.
  • Beyond a certain fork height, the scissor lift hand pallet truck is secured by additional support legs.

AMX 10 electronic hydraulic

  • Scissor lift hand pallet trucks are recommended for frequently changing work heights.
  • The work height can be easily adjusted at the touch of a button.
  • Battery: 70 Ah C5, maintenance-free.