AM V05 Hand Pallet Truck for Display Pallets

AM V05 Hand Pallet Truck
for Display Pallets

  • Manually adjustable fork width (140-585 mm)
  • Particularly quiet run for usage in retail areas
  • Energy and time-saving fast lift for up to 120 kg
  • Precise pump hydraulic system and special lowering valve
  • Ergonomic tiller for right and left hand use alike
Lift 390 mm
Load 0.50 t

The manoeuvrable and flexible AM V05 are the ideal hand pallet trucks for all situations where quarter, half and special pallets have to be moved. For the transport of display pallets, in retail areas for example, the fork width can be manually adjusted, in the range of 140 to 585 mm, to fit special pallets. For application in retail areas with customer contact the AM V05 run particularly quiet. 

The tiller head, which can be used by left- and right-handed operators alike, allows for fatigue-free work shifts, due to its ergonomic design and ensures the manoeuvrability in any situation. With the fast lift and the optimised lowering valve goods can be moved fast, safely and efficiently. By the way, this also counts for standard euro pallets. 

As a matter of course you profit with the AM V05 from our high durability with the applied hardened steel, bushed wheels, the welded tiller mounting and the extremely low-maintenance joints.


Efficient Handling

  • The fast lift (up to 120 kg) ensures that euro pallets can be lifted clear of the ground with just 3 pump strokes.
  • The maximum lift height is achieved with only 5 pump strokes.
  • Particularly sensitive and controlled lowering of goods with the special lowering valve.
  • Optimised hydraulic system for effortless pumping.
  • Drawbar pull required is reduced by the bushes on the wheels.
  • Smooth controls equally suitable for both left-handed and right-handed operators.

Safe and abrasion free

  • Safe transport of display pallets.
  • Single entrance rolls out of abrasion free smooth-running nylon.
  • Powder coating for corrosion protection of the steel construction.

Maximum stability and durability

  • Strong forks and contoured shapes.
  • Welded tiller mounting.
  • Protected entry rollers.
  • Hardened steel.

Quiet and robust

  • Robust solid rubber tyres for particularly quiet running.

Wide tread pallet truck

  • Individually adjustable forks in the range of 140 to 585 mm for pick up and transport of non-standard carriers.
  • Quick loading and unloading of small carriers on a euro pallet are possible.