EJE M13 M15 Electric Pedestrian Pallet Truck

  • Extremely manoeuvrable due to compact design
  • Maintenance-free gel batteries with on-board charger
  • High driving and cornering stability due to integrated support wheels
  • Built-in weighing system (optional)
1300, 1500kg
Lift 120 mm
Load 1.30-.50 t
The EJE M13 and EJE M15 trucks were specially developed for the internal transfer of lighter goods. The 0.6-kW drive motor supports the transport of pallets and goods weighing up to 1500 kg over short distances. Therefore the EJE M13 and EJE M15 are ideal for use in small and medium-sized companies with an occasional need for goods transport.
  • Innovative drive and control technology
    Motors with 3-phase AC technology offer many advantages and more efficiency while simultaneously reducing the operating costs .
  • Energy efficiency
    Economic energy management increases the efficiency and lifetime of the battery and components.
  • Compact design
    Thanks to their compact design, the EJE M13 and the EJE M15 are perfect for use in confined spaces.
  • Ergonomic operations
    The trucks are perfectly adapted to the ergonomic needs of the operator.
  • Optimum stability
    The EJE M13 and EJE M15 have two sprung support rollers installed alongside the drive wheel. These increase the stability of the truck, thereby reducing the risk of transport damage. Entry rollers have also been fitted to the fork tips on the standard model to ensure the easy picking up of pallets.
  • Safe operation
    Various safety measures reduce the risk of injury for operators and guarantee a high level of safety.
  • Options
    As an option, the EJE M13 and the EJE M15 can be ordered with a weighing system. This enables goods to be weighed and moved using just one truck. Four weighing cells provide optimal results with a deviation of less than 1% across the entire weighing range.