EJE 114i 116i 118i
Electric Pedestrian
Pallet Truck
EJE 114i 116i 118i Electric Pedestrian Pallet Truck
1400, 1600, 1800 kg
Model Overview
Load capacity
Lift height
Travel speed
Overall length
Battery voltage
EJE 114i 1,400 kg 122 mm 5 km/h 1,566 mm 25.7 V
EJE 116i 1,600 kg 122 mm 6 km/h 1,566 mm 25.7 V
EJE 118i 1,800 kg 122 mm 6 km/h 1,566 mm 25.7 V
  • 24/7 availability due to built-in lithium-ion batteries
  • Maximum manoeuvrability thanks to its very small front end compartment
  • A lightweight in its class
  • Ideal for use on HGV
  • Built-in charger for quick charges at any standard 230-V electricity outlet

The particularly efficient and manoeuvrable EJE 114i – 118i electric pedestrian pallet trucks with their integrated lithium-ion batteries offer the perfect combination of economic efficiency and robustness along with the flexibility of our highly efficient battery technology. The integrated lithium-ion battery allows for an even more compact design leading to even greater manoeuvrability and lower weight. This makes them ideal for conventional applications on HGVs or in any other weight-sensitive and confined space. In conjunction with the built-in charger for easy charging at any standard 230-V electricity outlet, lithium-ion technology offers a number of advantages: very long, maintenance-free battery life cycle as well as rapid and booster charging during breaks or downtime. This allows for 24/7 truck availability and flexible use in multi-shift operations.

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  • Built-in charger for fast charging at any 230-V electricity outlet, even during short breaks.
  • No battery exchange or maintenance required.
  • High degree of availability thanks to extremely short charging times.
  • Saving costs due to longer service life and zero maintenance as compared to lead-acid batteries.
  • No charging rooms and ventilation required as there is no build up of gas.
  • Maintenance-free 3-phase AC drive motor without carbon brushes.
  • Easy access to all components through one-piece front cover secured by only two screws.
  • Excellent protection against dust and humidity through IP 54 enclosure of controller and plugs.
  • ProTracLink: Reduced support wheel wear when approaching ramps at an angle thanks to level equalisation. A mechanical link keeps both support wheels at the same height, ensuring no impact from the lower support wheel and therefore reducing damage.
  • Increased safety due to lithium-ion batteries that do not release any gases.
  • Increased safety due to automatically reduced speed when manoeuvring with vertical tiller in confined spaces.
  • Tiller arm optimally adapted to the ergonomic needs of the operator.
  • Clear colour coding and buttons with wear-resistant icons ensure intuitive operation.
  • Grip position optimally adapted to the operator’s hand posture.
  • Easy accessibility of the crawl speed button when travelling with vertical tiller.
  • Contactless sensor system with IP 65 protection rating guarantees high protection from breakdown.
  • Rocker switch for consistent operation in all tiller positions.
  • Extremely short front end length (l2 measurement) of only 416 mm, due to reduced battery compartment.
  • Easy manoeuvring in very confined spaces.
  • Overall weight including battery only 280 kg.