EJE C20 Electric Pedestrian Pallet Truck

  • Powerful thanks to maintenance-free 3-phase AC drive motor
  • Fully manoeuvrable with tiller in upright position due to crawl speed button
  • Manoeuvrable and compact thanks to the short chassis length
  • Integrated charger for easy charging at any mains socket (optional)
2000 kg
Lift 540 mm
Load 2.00 t
The EJE C20 is a pedestrian pallet truck which can also be used for order picking and light stacking operations. In addition to the support arm lift the load can be raised to an overall height of 759 mm via a simplex mast contained in the battery compartment. This allows the operator for example to pick goods at a comfortable height.
  • Innovative 3-phase AC technology
    Jungheinrich 3-phase AC motors offer greater performance whilst at the same time reducing operating costs over the entire life of the truck.
  • Comfortable operation
    The SpeedControl impulse control system facilitates comfortable, safe travel.
  • Fully informed at all times
    Extensive instrument display and setting options allow the operator to monitor the situation at a glance.
    Full rated load capacities up to fork tips (standard fork overhang).
  • Optimum cornering
    Sprung and hydraulically cushioned support wheels linked via the ProTracLink torsion bar – distribute equalising forces dependent on travel conditions i.e. evenly across all wheels during straight-line travel; concentrated on the outer support wheel during cornering.
  • Reduced maintenance costs
    Service-friendly components ensure a significant long-term reduction in operating costs.
  • Optimum pallet handling
    Enclosed skids on both fork tips for easy entry into empty Euro or perimeter based pallets.
  • Long uptimes
    The energy-saving 3-phase AC system combined with a 250 Ah battery capacity ensures long operation times.