EFG BC 316
320 325k 325 330
Electric Four Wheel Truck
EFG BC 316 320 325k 325 330 Electric Four Wheel Truck
1600, 2000, 2500, 3000 kg
Model Overview
Load capacity
Lift height
Travel speed
Overall length
Battery voltage
EFG BC 316 1,600 kg 6,500 mm 15 km/h 3,096 mm 48 V
EFG BC 320 2,000 kg 6,500 mm 15 km/h 3,096 mm 48 V
EFG BC 325k 2,500 kg 5,000 mm 18 km/h 3,213 mm 48 V
EFG BC 325 2,500 kg 5,000 mm 18 km/h 3,321 mm 48 V
EFG BC 330 3,000 kg 5,000 mm 18 km/h 3,469 mm 48 V
  • Robust mast feature with high residual capacity up to 5 m
  • Intelligent Jungheinrich control for maximum goods throughput
  • Minimised turning radius thanks to dual-motor front-wheel drive with ZF gearbox
  • Increased safety and more comfort with curveCONTROL
  • Curved overhead guard for optimum visibility

The powerful and rock-solid EFG electric four-wheel counterbalance forklift trucks in the BC Series are perfectly suited to a wide range of transport and stacking tasks. With a capacity of up to 3 tonnes and a high residual capacity of up to 5 metres, they offer the optimum combination of stability and manoeuvrability. A dual-motor front-wheel drive with ZF gearbox and smart control technology promises maximum performance with low consumption. The high-pivot steering axle ensures that the weight is evenly distributed across all four wheels and compensates for rough road surfaces – for maximum stability and ride safety. Our interpretation of a high-quality truck with an optimum price/performance ratio: stringent quality tests and robust components guarantee reliable operation and low wear at all times.

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  • Proven AC technology for high performance with low energy consumption.
  • Long operating times thanks to optimised energy efficiency.
  • Energy recovery through regenerative braking.
  • Jungheinrich control for excellent acceleration, optimum travel and lift speed as well as maximum throughput.
  • Minimised turning radius and reduced tyre wear thanks to dual-motor front-wheel drive with ZF gearbox.
  • Long service life even in dusty and humid conditions.
  • Fully enclosed and protected up to IP54.
  • High torque for rapid work cycles.
  • curveCONTROL for automatic speed reduction when cornering.
  • Deactivation of the drive and hydraulic functions if seat is unoccupied.
  • High residual capacity thanks to truck’s low centre of gravity in combination with the stable mast profile.
  • Reliable data transfer between electronic components via interface.
  • IPX5 protection rating for the entire truck.
  • Floor-Spot for warning pedestrians in the vicinity.
  • Strobe light with various modes.
  • Seat belt with contact switch.
  • Maintenance-free wet disc brake with high reliability and low service costs.
  • driveCONTROL controls the travel speed from a defined lift height.
  • Sturdy frame design for optimum truck stability.
  • Mast and fork carrier allow a clear view of the load and the travel route.
  • LED work light provides the best visibility in dark areas and reduces maintenance costs.
  • The compact design and the minimised turning radius of the truck enable operation in very confined spaces.
  • Comprehensive safety package with strobe light, warning zone lights and acoustic warning signal.
  • Jungheinrich lithium-ion batteries for increased endurance.
  • Available in cold store version.