EFG MC 316 - 330
Electric Four Wheel Truck
EFG MC 316 - 330 Electric Four Wheel Truck
1600, 2000, 2500, 3000 kg
Model Overview
Load capacity
Lift height
Travel speed
Overall length
Battery voltage
EFG MC 316k 1,600 kg 6,500 mm 16 km/h 2,988 mm 48 V
EFG MC 316 1,600 kg 6,500 mm 16 km/h 3,096 mm 48 V
EFG MC 320 2,000 kg 6,500 mm 16 km/h 3,096 mm 48 V
EFG MC 325k 2,500 kg 5,000 mm 16 km/h 3,213 mm 48 V
EFG MC 325 2,500 kg 5,000 mm 16 km/h 3,321 mm 48 V
EFG MC 330 3,000 kg 5,000 mm 16 km/h 3,469 mm 48 V
  • High residual capacity up to 5m
  • High throughput thanks to the great controller
  • Fully enclosed AC dual motors with ZF gearbox minimize turning radius while reducing maintenance cost
  • Precise hydraulic control
  • Compact lift mast with extended field of vision provides best all-round visibility

The robust and efficient MC series electric four-wheel forklifts offer the ideal combination of stability and maneuverability. The high-pivot steering axle distributes the weight evenly across all four wheels and also absorbs rough road bumps. Thus, you benefit from maximum stability and driving safety, also on uneven ground. An excellent view of the load thanks to the compact lift mast, various assistance systems and equipment options make our EFG trucks reliable and safe helpers in your daily warehouse operations – for efficient goods throughput in any situation. Moreover, the high-resolution, contrast-rich full-color TFT display allows relaxed and fatigue-free working.

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  • High output AC dual-drive motors and hydraulic motors deliver outstanding power.
  • Jungheinrich’s unique electric-hydraulic system provides state-of-the-art fast, precise and smooth hydraulic controls.
  • The rigid mast profile and low-gravity truck design provide a high residual capacity.
  • High torque for rapid work cycles.
  • Up to 30% greater energy efficiency than with DC motors.
  • Fully enclosed and protected up to IP54. Long life, even in dusty and damp conditions.
  • Proven AC technology: dual drive motor, hydraulic pump motor.
  • High performance, low energy consumption, less maintenance.
  • Produced by Jungheinrich, safe and reliable.
  • Integrated battery management system.
  • High-performance batteries, long life span.
  • Can completely replace lead-acid batteries.
  • With counterweight, no additional assembly weight required.
  • Maintenance-free, easy to charge and use, high efficiency.
  • curveCONTROL automatically reduces travel speed when cornering.
  • Deactivation of the hydraulic functions when seat is unoccupied.
  • EasyAccess for authorised users only, either with PIN code or transponder card.
  • Electronic and hydraulic overload protection guard.
  • Emergency disconnect switch easily accessible.
  • Reliable data transfer between electronic components using CAN bus technology.
  • The whole truck has the IPX5 protection.
  • Excellent drive dynamics and performance also demand a high degree of safety.
  • Strobe light on the overhead guard.
  • Red or blue spotlight to warn pedestrians in the nearby area.
  • accessCONTROL: Access control system only allows driving and hydraulic operation when the safety belt is locked.
  • driveCONTROL: Speed control, which automatically reduces the speed from a defined lift height.
  • Wet disc brake: maintenance-free disc service brake immersed in oil provides low service cost benefits and significantly improves the reliability of the braking system.
  • For the operator, truck and load, due to a range of optional operator assistance systems.
  • Precise hydraulic power steering which requires the minimal amount of effort without kickback.
  • Comfortable, fatigue-free operation of direction and hydraulics with soloPILOT.
  • High-resolution TFT 2” display (4” as an option) provides up-to-date information on vital truck conditions at a glance.
  • Adjustable steering column and comfort seat for optimum seating position. Convenient storage for documents and the operator’s belongings. Moveable armrest available as an option.
  • Clear view: mast and fork carriage allow for excellent visibility of the load and of the route ahead. LED working light gives best view in dark areas.
  • The functionality and ergonomics of the operator environment guarantee relaxed and fatigue-free work during long shifts.
  • accessCONTROL & EasyAccess PinCode / Transponder
  • drive&liftPLUS options package
  • multiPILOT & duoPILOT with double pedal; full suspension seat with adjustable armrest
  • USB charging interface
  • Spotlight in red / blue; 4” TFT display
  • Cold store version (-28℃) & tropics version (up to 50℃)
  • Lead acid battery capacity 48 V / 500 – 750 Ah; lithium-ion battery capacity 48 V / 390 Ah; spacer and T-parking station (for easy lateral battery exchange)