EFX 410 413 Electric Front Seat / Tri-Lateral Stacker

  • Unrestricted view of forks, load and travel route
  • High level of efficiency: Double benefit of energy regeneration and effective energy management
  • High flexibility through modular design and RFID technology
Lift 3000-7000 mm
Load 1.00-1.25 t
1000, 1250 kg
Lift 3000-7000 mm
Load 1.00-1.25 t
The tri-lateral stackers EFX 410 and EFX 413 with 48 V 3-phase AC technology, 1000 to 1250 kg capacity and lift heights up to 7000 mm represent versatility and excellent flexibility in the narrow aisle warehouse. The EFX can be used in either guided mode or as a free-ranging truck. The advantage: Combined operation in narrow aisles, wide aisles and the apron area.
  • Pioneers of 3-phase AC technology
    Over 150 000 Jungheinrich 3-phase AC trucks are in use all over the world. This depth of knowledge is reflected in today’s drive and control technology.
  • Control and CAN-Bus system
    All movements can be parameterised.
  • Cost-effective energy management
    Doubled energy recovery through regenerative braking and lowering.
  • RFID ground control (optional)
    Truck control with transponder technology.
  • Economic energy management
    Double energy-saving benefits through regenerative braking and load lowering.
  • RFID floor control (optional)
    Truck control by transponder technology.
  • Jungheinrich warehouse navigation (optional)
    EFX is linked to a Warehouse Management System (WMS) by a radio data terminal or scanner.
  • Ergonomic benefits and comfort
    Factory-based integration into the safety computer.
  • Commissioning and maintenance
    Quick and reliable commissioning through teach-in process.