EJD 220 步行式電動堆高機

  • Built-in support arm lift for double deck transport
  • Powerful and maintenance-free 3-phase AC motor
  • ProTracLink torsion bar for high stability
  • Exact positioning of the cargo and crawl speed
  • Multi-function tiller head for intuitive operation
起升 1660 -2560 mm
荷載 2.00 t
2000 kg
起升 1660 -2560 mm
荷載 2.00 t
The EJD 220 is a multi-talented truck when it comes to the handling of loads. It combines the features of a pedestrian pallet truck and stacker in one truck: From loading and offloading HGVs to the transporting and stacking of pallets (max. 2560 mm lift height), it really is a convincingly flexible truck.
  • Intelligent control and drive technology
    Jungheinrich 3-phase AC motors and controllers offer higher performance levels while simultaneously reducing operating costs.
  • Comfortable stacking and retrieving
    All lifting and lowering operations are easily controlled by the multi-functional control handle. This allows the operator to concentrate fully on stacking and retrieving.
  • Optimum cornering and stable handling
    Sprung and cushioned support wheels – linked via the patented ProTracLink torsion bar – distribute equalising forces dependent on travel conditions i.e. evenly across all wheels during straight-line travel; concentrated on the outer support wheel during cornering.
  • Work in comfort
    The EJD is ideally suited for double pallet handling. It has been robustly designed for high performance operation.
  • Fully informed at all times
    Comprehensive control instrumentation gives the operator the reassurance of full information at a glance at all times.
  • Long operating times
    The energy-saving 3-phase AC technology, combined with battery capacities of up to 375 Ah, ensures long operating times.
  • Optional equipment
    Cold store version
    Load guard.