EZS MB 230
Electric Tow Tractor
EZS MB 230 Electric Tow Tractor
3000 kg
Model Overview
Load capacity
Travel speed
Overall length
Battery voltage
EZS MB 230 3,000 kg 8.5 km/h 1,416 mm 24 V
  • Up to 100 mm ground clearance for uneven floors & ramps
  • Compact footprint for wide range of applications
  • Electric power steering for effortless manoeuvrability
  • Reduced speed when turning for smooth cornering
  • Damping unit ensures an effortless and comfortable drive regardless of the floor conditions.

The EZS MB 230 is the ideal solution for towing applications over uneven ground, both indoors and outdoors. With a towing capacity of 3,000 kg, ground clearance of up to 100 mm, and an overall width of 700 mm, the EZS MB 230 offers an attractive combination of performance and versatility in a compact package. In addition to the high ground clearance, the EZS MB 230 comes with electronic power steering, a dampened drive unit and cushioned floor mat as standard, ensuring an effortless and comfortable drive regardless of floor conditions. Speed reduction when cornering is also standard, ensuring safe operation when manoeuvring. Optional rubber front bumper, a range of lighting equipment and a buzzer are available to increase operator and pedestrian safety and awareness. Amenities such as numerous storage compartments, optional USB charging ports, and document holder ensure the operator remains productive throughout the shift. The alternatives of vertical and lateral battery exchange minimise downtime between shifts.

  • Width of just 700 mm for narrow aisles & confined spaces
  • Up to 100 mm ground clearance for uneven ground and ramps, indoors and outdoors
  • Sturdy structural design: frame manufactured from high-quality steel and impact-resistant drive panel
  • Battery size up to 375 Ah for maximum productivity
  • Top & lateral battery exchange minimises downtime
  • State-of-the-art 3-phase AC motor for high performance with low operating costs
  • Regenerative braking with energy recovery
  • Reduced speed when turning for smooth cornering
  • Electric power-assisted steering for reducing operator fatigue
  • Multifunctional tiller including acceleration, braking and turning
  • Dampened drive unit to absorb shocks when driving on uneven ground
  • Cushioned operator platform for great driving comfort
  • Rubber front bumper protects against damage & pedestrian injury (optional)
  • LED lights illuminate the way ahead (optional)
  • Strobe and floor spotlights significantly reduce the risk of collision (optional)
  • Raised tow pin cable allows operator to hook and release trailers without leaving the truck
  • Standardised coupling plate allows for customised towing solutions
  • Document holder and shrink wrap holder increase operator productivity (optional)
  • Options bracket provides rugged look and mounting surface for accessories (optional)