EKS 215a Automated
Vertical Order Picker
EKS 215a Automated Vertical Order Picker
1000 kg
Model Overview
Load capacity
Lift height
Travel speed
Overall length
Battery voltage
ERE 225a 2,500 kg 122 mm 6.1 km/h 2,403 mm 24 V
  • Versatile, compact AGV for safe use in mixed operations
  • Lifting height up to 6 m and adjustable forks for high flexibility
  • Simple operation with intuitive interaction options
  • Economical 24/7 operation thanks to lithium-ion technology
  • Simple connection to ERP systems via Jungheinrich logistics interface

A compact and versatile Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV), our EKS 215a is the perfect choice for efficient mixed operations with manual trucks and pedestrians in warehouses and production areas. The 24-V energy concept with lithium-ion battery and automatic charging function ensures maximum flexibility in addition to the modular mast concept, while adjustable forks and a high residual capacity facilitate the handling of special load carriers in stations that cannot be driven under as well as delivery in racks. A future-proof safety concept with integrated personal protection sensors guarantees a high level of safety in mixed operation and the user-friendly HMI touch display simplifies the interaction between man and machine. Automate your manual processes with our innovative all-rounder – the EKS 215a.

  • AGV based on series components for flexible automation – even in confined spaces.
  • Optimum design to meet the requirements for automating manual processes in warehouses and production areas.
  • Precise laser navigation using reflectors installed on the travel route – for maximum transport efficiency.
  • Extremely compact truck dimensions due to optimum combination of physical and virtual footprint.
  • Perfectly suited to narrow working aisle widths (Ast) thanks to maximum manoeuvrability with low space requirement.
  • 24-V lithium-ion technology with optional automatic charging.
  • High availability thanks to extremely short charging times.
  • Active energy and battery management.
  • No battery exchange required.
  • Zero maintenance in comparison with lead-acid batteries.
  • No charging rooms or ventilation required as there is no build-up of gas.
  • Depending on the speed and steering angle, standard personal protection scanners scan the travel route for obstacles in the drive direction and load direction.
  • Protection against damage through integrated safety sensors below the truck frame.
  • Smart safety concept with protective and warning fields for efficient layout planning.
  • Truck stops automatically in front of obstacles in its path.
  • Scanning ahead for obstacles when cornering.
  • Emergency disconnect on the truck and emergency control panel.
  • Quick overview of the status of pending transport tasks is possible on the control panel and on the HMI.
  • Prioritised orders can be entered and processed in the corresponding order.
  • Depending on the project-specific requirements, individual customer functions can be specially implemented and activated for the respective system.
  • Use in mixed operation, in a new build or integrated into an existing factory structure.
  • Transport of special load carriers, closed pallets as well as the operation of stations that cannot be driven under using adjustable forks.
  • Connection to existing WMS / ERP system via Jungheinrich logistics interface.
  • Status display at a glance.
  • 7-inch display with touch function: error codes and handling recommendations for efficient fault rectification.
  • Manual intervention option by the operator: AGV can be sent to charge, park or a service location and orders can be specified directly on the display.
  • Wide range of masts for flexible adaptation to the warehouse layout.
    Higher payload with smaller footprint and simultaneous increase in residual capacity.