ECD 320
Horizontal Order Picker
ECD 320 Horizontal Order Picker
2000 kg
Model Overview
Load capacity
Lift height
Travel speed
Overall length
Battery voltage
ECD 320 2,000 kg 1,500 mm 12.5 km/h 4,081 mm 24 V
  • Maximum picking performance with lowest energy consumption
  • Powerful motor with high acceleration
  • jetPILOT for intuitive operation same as driving a car
  • Extensive options for an optimal workplace
  • Ergonomic mast lift up to 700 mm (1500 mm optional)

Our robust and versatile ECD 320 low-level order picker works for you with twice the force: the combination of double-length forks with additional mast lift for the transportation of two pallets allows ergonomic order picking with maximum picking performance and optimum energy efficiency. The powerful 2.8-kW motor (3.2-kW available as an option) ensures the best driving and acceleration performance. Thanks to optional lithium-ion technology, it will also keep on powering through multi-shift operation. It even shines in tough conditions: dynamic acceleration, safe cornering and high end speeds. Despite its compact dimensions, the order picker offers a spacious, individually adjustable operator position with jetPILOT multifunctional steering wheel for back-friendly and time-saving order picking. Optimal all-round visibility, easy accessibility of all controls and additional lighting options ensure safe working.

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  • Powerful acceleration and high top speed.
  • Safe cornering speed due to curveCONTROL (optional).
  • Optional drivePLUS package with highly efficiency 3.2 kW motor for even greater drive and acceleration performance with load-dependent curveCONTROL.
  • Regenerative braking with energy recovery.
  • Energy-efficient 3-phase AC technology and high battery capacities allow for long operating times.
  • Different batteries available from 375 Ah to 620 Ah.
  • Lateral battery exchange option for multi-shift environments (optional).
  • High availability thanks to extremely short charging times.
  • No battery exchange required.
  • Saving costs due to longer service life and zero maintenance as compared to lead-acid batteries.
  • No charging rooms and ventilation required as there is no build-up of gas.
  • Impact-resistant steel drive panel.
  • High-quality stainless steel skirt raised extra high on the front panel.
  • Torsion-resistant load forks with draw bar kinematics prevent distortion, even with heavy loads and long support arms.
  • Activation of the truck by EasyAccess via softkey, PIN code or optional transponder card.
  • The 2-inch display provides information on the battery discharge status, number of operating hours, travel speed as well as error codes.
  • Selection from three travel programs via softkey (optional).
  • Better visibility in poorly lit areas thanks to integrated dayLED daytime running lights (optional).
  • Floor spot – significant reduction of risk to collide in blind spots due to a red dot of light projected onto the floor approx. 3 m in front of the truck (optional).
  • Back-friendly and time-saving order picking.
  • Mast lift to 700 mm (1500 mm optional) for depositing goods at an ergonomic height.
  • Placing of a fully picked pallet on the longer initial lift forks for lower centre of gravity and fast continuation of the picking process with a second pallet.
  • Load guard (optional) and pallet holder for picking up both pallets before starting the picking process: To do this, one pallet is placed upright on the load guard and fixed with the pallet holder. Once picking of the first pallet is complete, the order picking process can be continued directly with the second pallet.
  • Generous space, even for tall operators.
  • Diverse and individualised storage options such as the shrink wrap holder on the front cover.
  • Backrest versions to suit different needs.
  • Additional cushioned stand-on platform (optional).
  • Faster order picking thanks to touch mode in the backrest (optional).
  • A comprehensive range of accessories allows for individual tailoring to your requirements.
  • Additional accessories for working at the second racking level.
  • Sturdy, universally applicable options bracket, e.g. for radio data transmission components.
  • Increased ease of use with optional sprung stand-on platform to reduce the vibrations felt by the operator.