EKS 210 312 垂直式揀選叉車

  • Double benefit of energy recovery and effective energy management
  • TÜV-certified control system
  • Ergonomic workstation with height-adjustable operator controls
  • 48-volt 3-phase AC technology for rapid acceleration
起升 3000-5000 mm
荷載 1.00-1.20 t
The EKS 210/312 order pickers offer highest picking performance in the high-rack warehouse. Both truck concepts are optimised for their respective application. The EKS 210 with 1000 kg load capacity and order picking heights up to 7845 mm is specially designed for manoeuvrability in wide aisles. Its narrow chassis size of just 900 mm offers the maximum turning capability.
  • Pioneering 3-phase AC technology
    More than 150,000 Jungheinrich 3-phase AC trucks are in use all over the world. This expertise is reflected in our current drive and control technology.
  • High throughput and order-picking
    3-phase motors with high torque.
    High acceleration for driving and lifting.
    Quick main and auxiliary masts.
  • Modular design
    High flexibility through modular design.
  • Future compatibility
    Adaptor system for customising the cab width to new operating requirements.
    Electronic height limitations for the masts.
    TÜV-certified control system (CAN-Bus) for maximum reliability.
  • Economic energy management
    Double energy-saving benefits through regenerative braking and load lowering.
  • RFID floor control (optional)
    Truck control by transponder technology.
  • Jungheinrich warehouse navigation
    Linking the EKS to a Warehouse Management System (WMS) using a radio data terminal and/or scanner.
  • Integral Jungheinrich personnel
    Factory-based integration into the safety computer.