EZS 6250 電動拖車

25000 kg
起升(標準門架) 0 mm
額定荷載/貨物 25.00 t
  • Comfortable travel for both indoor and outdoor applicationsr
  • Different cab versionsr
  • High energy efficiency levels due to maintenance-free 3-phase AC drive motor

The Jungheinrich EZS 6250 is a versatile and economic tow tractor for towing trailers up to 25,000 kg. The ability to couple several trailers together allows loading characteristics to be varied and provides for the flexibility required in material-handling operations.

The coupling is visible from the operator’s sitting position, and is easily accessible. The semi-automatic remote release (optional) allows the coupling and decoupling of trailers without the operator having to leave the vehicle, saving both time and money. Another of the vehicle’s advantages is that the EZS 6250 is available with many different tow couplings to allow it to fit every trailer type.

  • Innovative 3-phase AC technology
    Three-phase AC technology motors offer you more power and performance while, at the same time, reducing operating costs.
  • Comfortable and safe operation
    SpeedControl electronic control system and Curve Control automatic cornering speed reduction ensure comfortable and safe operation which can be adapted to any application.
  • Optimum ergonomics
  • Robust construction for the hardest applications
  • Long operating times
    Energy-saving 3-phase AC technology and high battery capacities allow long operating times.
  • Always informed
    Comprehensive display and setting instruments always allow a complete overview of system operations.
  • Supplementary equipment
    An extensive array of supplementary equipment allows the individual adjustment of the vehicle to your application.

    • Various couplings.
    • Remote coupling release.
    • Built-in battery charging socket mounted on the tow tractor.
    • Different cabin equipment.