ETX 513 515 Electric Sideways-Seated Tri-Lateral Stacker

  • German MOT certified control and CAN-Bus system
  • Warehouse navigation for optimised travel time to destinations (optional)
Lift 3000-13000 mm
Load 1.20-1.50 t
1200 - 1500kg
The ETX 513/515 high rack stackers are used for maximum performance in the high end area of a narrow aisle warehouse. They set new standards in terms of flexibility, economic efficiency and ergonomics.
  • Pioneering 3-phase AC technology
    There are now more than 150,000 Jungheinrich trucks with 3-phase AC technology in use worldwide.
  • High throughput levels
    3-phase motors with high torque.
    High acceleration, rapid lift, dynamic ancillary movements.
  • Economic energy management
    Double energy-saving benefits through regenerative braking and load lowering.
  • RFID ground control (optional)
    Truck control by transponder technology.
  • Integrated Jungheinrich personal safety system (PSS) (optional)
    On-site integration with the safety computer
  • Control and CAN-Bus system
    All movements and speeds can be set and adjusted via software parameters.
  • Commissioning and maintenance
    Quick and reliable commissioning through teach-in process.