ESE 420 430 Electric Sideways-Seated Pallet Truck

  • Ergonomic operator seat layout
  • High travel speeds
  • 180°/360° steering
  • 3-phase AC technology (48 V) for high torques and dynamic movement
Lift 115 mm
Load 2.00-3.00 t
2000, 3000 kg
ESE 420/430 Electric Sideways Seated Pallet Trucks are ideal for multi-pallet transport over long distances. They are equipped with 48 volt three-phase motors which ensure smooth, powerful acceleration and high top speeds. The best basis for high productivity.
  • Greater efficiency with three-phase AC technology
    Powerful three-phase AC technology offers a whole range of advantages over conventional DC motors.
  • Ergonomic Drivers cab
    The operator position provides ideal working conditions for relaxed, high productivity operations.
  • Easy operation with SOLO-PILOT
    The control lever for activating all hydraulic functions and also selecting the direction of travel and sounding the horn.
  • Easy-to-read driver‘s display
    High quality control panel displaying the most important operating data.
  • Powerful battery
    4 EPZS 620 Ah.
  • Robustly built for intensive applications
    Robust chassis for continuous use at full rated load.
  • Reduced maintenance cost
    Easy-service components ensure reduced long-term operating costs