ESD 120 220 Stand On / Sideways Seated Stacker

  • Ergonomics of sideways travel improve performance
  • High speed and acceleration characteristics
  • Narrow design and maximum manoeuvrability
Lift 1660-1960 mm
Load 2.00 t
2000 kg
Lift 1660-1960 mm
Load 2.00 t
The Jungheinrich ESD 120 / 220 range of stackers are highly flexible trucks. As double-deck stackers they can lift two Euro pallets simultaneously with both mast and support arm lift: ideal for loading and unloading lorries with two tiers. The ESD 120 / 220 can also be used as a conventional stacker in the warehouse.
  • Innovative 3-phase AC technology
    Better performance simultaneously coupled with reduced operating costs.
  • Productivity-enhancing ergonomics
    The arrangement of the operator workstation, sideways on to the direction of travel, ensures optimum visibility and reduces potential neck complaints due to frequent changes in direction. A safety switch in the foot -well ensures maximum safety.
  • Travel comfortably and safely
    Safe speed regulation by electronic Speed-Control. Speed-Control ensures maximum safety and effortless control of speed in all situations.
  • Flexible operation
  • Powerful battery
  • Additional equipment
    • Different load wheels (depending on the application)
    • Cold store version
    • Code lock
    • Steering wheel on the left (ESD 120)
    • Load guard
    • Battery discharge and steering position display (optional on the ESD 220)