ERE 225 Electric Stand-On Pallet Truck

ERE 225 Electric Stand-On
Pallet Truck

  • Powerful 3-phase AC drive motor for maximum performance
  • SmartPilot electric tiller steering for precise and easy steering
  • Folding stand-on platform (optional)
  • ShockProtect to protect the operator, truck and load
  • Curve Control for added safety when cornering
2500 kg
Lift 122 mm
Load 2.50 t
The ERE 225 is the perfect truck for high-performance loading and unloading of HGVs as well as the rapid transport of heavy loads over longer distances. Due to the higher speeds, in comparison with normal pedestrian trucks, goods can be handled or transported particularly efficiently.
  • Powerful 3-phase AC drive motor and “intelligent” electronic controller
    Progressive drive technology and control electronics (SpeedControl) ensure safe and energy saving operation with adjustment to every application.
  • Safer and more ergonomic operator compartment
    The workplace is adjusted to fit operator and application requirements.
  • Optimum handling characteristics
    Sprung and cushioned support wheels connected via the torsion bar ProTracLink system, ensure safe handling in all situations.
  • Information at all times
    Comprehensive control instrumentation gives the operator information at a glance at all times.
  • Ergonomic steering
    The newly developed tiller head is easily adjustable to the ergonomic needs of the operator.
  • Reduced maintenance
    Easy access to all components through an easily removable one-piece motor cover.