ERC 212 214 216 220 Electric Pedestrian Stacker

  • Electronically controlled lift motor for sensitive lifting and lowering
  • Fatigue-free, safe steering with electrical tiller steering and Curve Control
  • Smooth and safe travelling position on sprung platform with side arms (optional)
  • Fast lifting of light loads with Lift-Plus (optional)
Lift 2500-6000 mm
Load 1.20-2.00 t
1200, 1400, 1600, 2000kg
Lift 2500-6000 mm
Load 1.20-2.00 t
The ERC 212/214/216/220 electric pedestrian stacker combines the manoeuvrability of a pedestrian stacker with the option to work comfortably and quickly as a ride-on truck.
  • “Intelligent” control and advanced drive technology
    The ERC 212/214/216/220 is equipped with a modern 3-phase AC drive motor, offering you greater performance while simultaneously reducing operating costs.
  • Flexible operation
    Different models for a whole range of applications.
  • Easy stacking and retrieval
    All lifting and lowering functions are comfortably controlled by the multifunctional tiller arm without having to reach forward. The lift motor is electronically controlled. This enables the forks to be positioned precisely when stacking or retrieving pallets, less load on the electronics and also significantly reduced noise when lifting. The proportional hydraulics ensures precise and gentle depositing of loads in the racking or on the floor. In confined spaces the stand-on platform and side arms can simply be folded in and the ERC can be used as a pedestrian truck. LiftPlus (optional) enables the ERC 214/216/220 to achieve a significantly higher lift speed with a light load (up to 400 kg) in comparison with the production version. For improving throughput when stacking!
  • Robust design
    The ERC is designed for high highly productive applications.
  • Comfortable and safe operation
  • Long uptimes
    Battery capacities of up to 375 Ah ensure long uptimes.
  • Additional equipment
    • CanDis control instrument.
    • LiftPlus.
    • Twin roller support wheel to reduce wear.
    • CanCode access control.
    • Cold store version.
    • Load guard.
    • Gentle depositing of load.