EJC B12 B14 B16 B20 Wide Track Electric Pedestrian Stacker

  • Electronically controlled lift motor for sensitive lifting and lowering
  • Crawl speed button for full manoeuvrability with tiller upright
  • Lifting enclosed pallets or cross pallets
  • Electric tiller steering for especially easy steering (optional)
1200 - 2000 kg
Lift 2500-5350 mm
Load 1.20-2.00 t
The EJC B12/B14/B16/B20 pedestrian stackers are mainly designed for the flexible handling of special loads. With its laterally offset support arms and forged forks that can be lowered to the floor, the truck can lift loads by entering the load unit from below. This enables closed pallets or transverse pallets, for instance, to be picked up in a similar way to a counterbalanced fork lift truck.
  • Intelligent control and drive technology
    Our 3-phase AC technology motors offer you more power and performance while, at the same time, reducing operating costs.
  • Flexible and safe operation
    A second lifting mechanism, the support arm lift, is used to raise the support arms independently of the forks. As a result, the EJC 212z/214z/216z can overcome uneven ground, ramps and loading bridges with ease. Support arm and mast lifts operate independently of each other. The advantage: Double-decker transport of two pallets simultaneously is possible (optional).
  • Comfortable and safe operation
    All lifting and lowering operations are easily controlled by the multi-functional tiller head. This allows the operator to concentrate fully on stacking and retrieving.
  • Designed to ensure easy servicing
  • Plenty of convenient storage areas
  • Optimum battery management
    The frame is designed to hold large batteries for long operating times.
  • Optional equipment
    Cold store version.
    Load guard available in different heights.
    Special gentle lowering