EJC 112 Electric Pedestrian Stacker with Ramp Comfort

  • Manoeuvrable and compact with very short chassis
  • Comfortable working environment with practical storage trays for pens and documents
  • Sensitive lifting with speed-controlled hydraulic motor
  • Fast, easy charging at any 13 Amp socket with on-board charger (optional)
1200 kg
Lift 2500-4300 mm
Load 1.20 t
The ramp comfort feature activates a simple support arm lift. This increases the ground clearance significantly – in particular around the front support arm. The advantage: Easy crossing of thresholds, uneven surfaces or small ramps without grounding.
  • Ramp comfort for uneven floors and gradients
    Two robust cylinders increase the ground clearance under the support arms. The truck tips back slightly, ensuring that the load has a secure centre of gravity. This allows the EJC to easily overcome thresholds, gradients and uneven ground.
  • Innovative drive technology and control
    Our 3-phase AC motors offer improved performance with the simultaneous reduction of running costs thanks to linking with Jungheinrich’s own controllers.
  • Manoeuvrable and compact
    Thanks to its short aisle width, the EJC is also ideal for operating in restricted areas. It is also possible to continue working by pressing the crawl speed button and having the tiller in an upright position.
  • Precise, safe stacking and retrieving
    Loads can be stacked and retrieved safely and efficiently.
  • Practical storage compartments
    The EJC offers plenty of storage space for keeping tools and equipment within easy reach.
  • Service-friendly technology
  • Long operating time
    Battery capacities up to 200 Ah ensure a long operational life.
  • Additional equipment
    • CanDis: Discharge indicator and hour-meter.
    • CanCode: Access control via PIN.
    • Load guard.
    • Connection option e.g. for terminal, scanner or printer.
    • Particularly robust metal battery lid for heavy-duty applications.