EFG 216kn Electric Three Wheel Truck

EFG 216kn
Electric Three Wheel Truck

  • 5 individually adjustable working programs
  • Jungheinrich Curve Control for safer driving and cornering
  • Comfortable workstation with SOLO or MULTI-PILOT control (optional)
  • Maintenance-free multiple disc brakes
Lift 3000-6500 mm
Load 1.60 t
1500 kg
Lift 3000-6500 mm
Load 1.60 t
Compact design makes the three wheel truck extremely manoeuvrable and allows fast operation in the most confined spaces, for example lorries, containers or railway wagons. The closed design and the front wheel drive ensure a universal suitability and optimal traction on gradients and slippery surfaces.
  • Superior operator comfort
    The ergonomically designed operator’s cab allows for relaxed operation with low fatigue, even during long shifts.
  • Safe, wear-free braking
    Three distinct systems ensure safe, precise and largely wear-free braking.
  • Maintenance free electric motors
    Proven AC technology: 2 drive motors, hydraulic pump motor, steering motor. High performance, low energy consumption, less maintenance.
  • Active safety
    Excellent drive dynamics and performance also demand a high degree of safety.
  • Intelligent electronics
    Board Control electronic system permanently controls and monitors all truck functions.