DFG/TFG 316 320 Diesel/Gas Forklifts with Hydrodynamic Drive Units

  • Large capacity industrial engines which deliver high torque at low speeds
  • Cushion mounted drive unit isolates the operator from excessive vibration
  • Hydrodynamic drive unit provides efficient acceleration and direction changes
  • Comfortable and safe operator’s cab featuring exemplary ergonomics
Lift 2900-7500 mm
Load 1.60-2.00 t
1600, 2000kg
Lift 2900-7500 mm
Load 1.60-2.00 t

Jungheinrich hydrodynamic diesel and LPG forklift trucks give an incredible handling capacity in a variety of applications. The hydrodynamic drive performs especially well in medium to long distance operations and also ensures smooth shock-free polling away from rest.

Large capacity industrial engines generate high torque even at low speeds, giving the benefit of lower fuel consumption and noise. These robust engines are specially designed for use in forklift trucks, ensuring high reliability and a long service life even for tough applications.

  • Ergonomic operator’s cab
    The comfortable operator’s cab helps maximise the operator’s work capacity and offers outstanding ergonomics.
  • Strong motors
    Large capacity industrial engines, specially designed for the requirements of forklift trucks provide power in every situation.
  • Highly loadable hydrodynamic transmission
    The hydrodynamic drive unit has an automatic power shift transmission.
  • Protected electric installation
    The complete electrics are protected against water and dust according to IP 54 and accessibly mounted on the overhead load guard console.
  • Precise steering
    The maximum in steering comfort and highest safety.
  • Safe braking
    Two independent brake systems on the front wheels.
  • Reliable hydraulics
    The highly efficient filter system ensures clean oil and thus prolongs the lifespan of all components.