EJG 106 108 110 112 步行式電動叉車

  • Pedestrian controlled counterbalance truck
  • Particularly robust chassis and forks
  • Extremely manoeuvrable due to compact chassis length
  • Sensitive lifting and depositing
  • Excellent energy management
起升 2500-4700 mm
荷載 0.60-1.20 t
600 - 1200 kg
起升 2500-4700 mm
荷載 0.60-1.20 t
The Jungheinrich EJG is a pedestrian controlled counterbalance truck which can be used wherever support arm stacker trucks cannot operate (e.g. lifting perimeter based pallets directly from the floor, special load sizes, racking with collision protection). With an overall width of just 910 mm and a high degree of manoeuvrability, the truck can also be operated with ease in confined warehouse areas.
  • Innovative AC technology
    Jungheinrich AC motors offer higher performance and reduce running costs.
  • Counterbalanced stacking
    The counterbalance design without interference from support arms enables perimeter based pallets and special load sizes to be used.
  • Work ergonomically
    The newly designed tiller head is ideally suited to the ergonomic needs of the operator.
  • Batteries
    3 EPzS 375 Ah.
    3 PzB 300 Ah.
  • Readily available information
    Extensive controls and setting options allow the operator to check at a glance.
  • Reduced maintenance
    AC systems provide a clear, long-term reduction in running costs.