EJE i20 不銹鋼電動唧車

  • Hygienic and food-neutral due to smooth and abrasion-proof surface
  • Powerful thanks to maintenance-free 3-phase AC drive motor
  • Long service life in harsh environments
  • Ergonomic and IP 65 sealed multifunction tiller arm
  • Outstanding cornering thanks to ProTracLink stainless steel coupling unit
2000 kg
起升 125 mm
荷載 2.00 t
The Jungheinrich EJE i20 stainless steel pallet truck combines the advantages of a stainless steel frame with proven Jungheinrich drive and control technology. The truck is designed for demanding transport operations up to 2000 kg.
  • Hygienic design
    Smooth corrosion free surfaces are foodstuff neutral resisting dirt and the spread of germs and bacteria.
  • Easy clean design
    The whole truck is extremely easy to clean and is designed for daily operation in damp and wet areas.
  • High quality materials for demanding applications
    The use of material suited to the application guarantees a high reliability and long life.
  • Ergonomic operation
    The new generation multifunction tiller arm control head perfectly meets the ergonomic demands of the operator.
  • Optimal cornering
    The spring mounted and damped support wheels connected by the torsion bar suspension system “ProTracLink” made from stainless steel, ensure safe operation, a reduction in wear and high stability in every travel situation. Support is automatically distributed equally over all wheels during straight travel or concentrated on the outer support wheel during cornering.
  • Innovative 3rd Generation AC technology
    Jungheinrich 3rd Generation AC technology motors offer high performance and at the same time, reduce operating costs.