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Jungheinrich Forklift Trucks

Electric Pedestrian Stacker
(2000 kg)

ERD 220

Electric Pedestrian Stacker
(2000 kg)

Lift (standard mast)
1660 mm
Capacity / load
2.00 t

  • 3-phase AC motor for maximum performance and low energy consumption
  • Electric tiller for easy steering
  • Fixed operator platform (optional)
  • ShockProtect to protect the operator, truck and load
  • Optimum driving characteristics with fixed ProTracLink torsion bar

The ERD 220 electric pedestrian stacker is extremely versatile and powerful when it comes to load handling. A specialist in HGV double-deck loading, it transports loads efficiently over longer distances or stacking/retrieving loads up to 2560 mm high.

The design of the truck is very robust: An 8-mm steel frame and box section forks made of sectional steel allow for heavy-duty applications with heavy loads.

The ERD 220 is also optimally suited to both pedestrian and ride-on operation. In ride-on mode, the ERD achieves a very high speed of up to 12.5 km/h. This means that goods can be handled or transported efficiently.

This truck also offers maximum operator safety and operator comfort:

  • In addition to the soft suspension of the platform, the entire drive system is cushioned with ShockProtect suspension. The advantage:
  • Reduces stress on the driver's spinal column.
  • Considerably less impact on the frame and all technical components of the ERD 220.
  • Electric steering for fatigue-free travel, even with heavy loads.
  • The maximum speed of the truck is automatically reduced when cornering, depending on the steering angle (Curve Control).
  • A fixed stand-on platform (optional) provides outstanding operator protection with extra high side components.

Up to 465 Ah high-performance batteries are available for really demanding applications. Combined with state-of-the-art 3-phase AC technology, this ensures longer operating times with simultaneously minimised power consumption. For multi-shift operations the ERD 220 comes with a side battery removal option. The ERD 220 basic model is available for less demanding applications (no lateral battery exchange).

Dynamic and efficient travel

The 3-phase AC drive technology and control electronics (SpeedControl) guarantee dynamic and energy-saving handling which can be tailored to the requirements of any application:

  • Powerful 2.8-kW drive motor with 3-phase AC controller.
  • Jungheinrich SpeedControl – roll-back protection on gradients.
  • Individually adjustable drive parameters enable the truck to be tailored to individual requirements (optional).
  • Energy recovery through regenerative braking on deceleration.

Outstanding handling and lift performance

  • Jungheinrich ShockProtect: Protection for the operator, truck and load through additional drive suspension. The suspension cushions the operator and frame against harder impacts.
  • Sprung and cushioned support wheels – linked via the ProTracLink torsion bar – ensure safe handling under all driving conditions.
  • Controlled hydraulics (optional) for gentle depositing of the load and for precise pallet positioning in the racking.

Flexible and safe operation

  • Depending on the application can be used as ride-on or pedestrian mode by folding the platform out / in. The travel speed is automatically reduced when in pedestrian mode.
  • A fixed platform with an enclosed operator position is available (optional) where more stringent safety requirements are in place.
  • In double-deck operation, two pallets each weighing 1000 kg can be transported on top of each other at a maximum speed of 7 km/h (ERD 220 entry model: 5 km/h).

Information at all times

Comprehensive control instrumentation gives the operator information at a glance at all times:

  • CanDis information display (optional) with hour-meter and service code storage.
  • Activation of truck via PIN and automatic shutdown with CanCode (optional).

Outstanding ergonomics

The moisture-proof tiller arm has rocker switches on both sides and a clear red/green colour code to match the ergonomic requirements of the operator. The ERD 220 also offers the following features:

  • Fatigue-free electric steering.
  • Height-adjustable tiller arm on fixed platform (optional).
  • Additional pallet stop on frame ensures precise positioning of two pallets stacked on top of each other.
  • Detachable storage compartment on battery lid.

Long uptimes

Large battery capacities ensure long uptimes.

  • Battery compartment M: 3 PzS 250 Ah
  • Battery compartment L: 3 PzS 375 Ah
  • Battery compartment L high: 3PzS 465 Ah
  • Side battery removal option for multi-shift environments
  • On-board charger (24 V/30 A for wet cell batteries and maintenance-free batteries) for easy charging at any mains socket (optional).

Optional equipment

  • Load backrest.
  • Lowering speed reduction for pallet lowering.
  • Cold store version.
  • Entry skids for lifting perimiter based pallets.
  • High-performance lift.
  • Slow travel with lowered forks (fork wear reduction)
  • ERD 220 entry model with reduced performance levels.

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