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Jungheinrich Forklift Trucks

Electric Pedestrian Stacker
(1800 kg)

EMD 118

Electric Pedestrian Stackers
(1800 kg)

Lift (standard mast)
1520 mm
Capacity / load
1.80 t
  • Universal application options thanks to additional support arm lift
  • On-board charger for easy charging
  • Very low noise levels with SilentDrive (optional)
  • Optimum driving characteristics with fixed ProTracLink torsion bar
  • Precise load positioning with sensitive lifting of the load

The EMD 118 electric pedestrian controlled truck offers a wide range of options for almost all applications. The additional support arm lift makes it possible to pick up two pallets one over the other. This means all work can be performed twice as quickly in comparison with a conventional pedestrian pallet truck or stacker truck.

The EMD 118 facilitates the problem-free lifting of picked goods weighing up to 800 kg to a comfortable reach height as well as light stacking operations up to 1520 mm. Simultaneously, with its very short front-end length of just 628 mm, the EMD is not just versatile and compact, but also ideal for use in shops, in very tight storage areas or on an HGV.

Thanks to a variety of ergonomic and technical benefits, the handling is also very simple and safe:

  • Novel, narrow mast design with integrated viewing window: Each operator, irrespective of their height, has an optimal view of the fork tips and surrounding areas.
  • Crawl speed button: Especially easy and reliable manoeuvrability of the truck thanks to upright tiller. Even in very confined spaces.
  • Proportional hydraulics: Precise load positioning with sensitive lifting (standard) as well as the gentle depositing of sensitive goods in racking or on the floor (optional) at all times. Thanks to the long tiller, the operator benefits from both low steering forces and a high degree of safety.

In terms of energy, the EMD also features impressive flexibility: The optionally available, maintenance-free lithium ion battery (110 Ah) can be recharged at any 230 V mains socket using the built-in charger. The rapid and boost charge features facilitate flexible usage even in multi-shift operation. In addition, the SilentDrive option provides an ideal basis for use in noise-sensitive areas or periods.

The EMD 118 is an extremely flexible truck for transporting loads over short distances and for light stacking tasks. The truck impresses with its easy handling and numerous technical and ergonomic advantages.


Flexible application

The integrated support arm lift and permanently connected ProTracLink caster wheels make the EMD 118 a flexible truck for universal use:

  • Ideal in pallet truck applications over short transport distances with loads up to 2000 kg.
  • As a double-deck truck for efficiently transporting two Euro pallets stacked on top of each other (support arm lift 1,000 kg/mast lift 800 kg).
  • Can be used as a stacker truck for light stacking tasks up to a height of 1520 mm.

Working safety in very confined spaces

Not least due to its compact dimensions the EMD is ideally suited to almost any application, even in confined spaces.

  • Unobtrusive and reliable handling in shops with public traffic thanks to very short front-end length and narrow aisle width.
  • Innovative mast design with integrated viewing window and special shape of the battery lid for optimum view of the load.
  • Low service weight for use in a delivery truck, on intermediate floors or in a lift.

Optimum pallet handling

Numerous performance features make stacking and retrieving with the EMD particularly safe and efficient, including:

  • Precise and gentle lifting of the load by speed-controlled hydraulic motor.
  • Gentle depositing of loads using proportional hydraulics (optional).
  • Long safety tiller ensures sufficient distance between the operator and the truck.
  • Optimum view of the fork tips, even for small operators

Stable handling

The sprung, hydraulically cushioned support wheels of the EMD are connected via the patented “ProTracLink” suspension which distributes the force depending on the situation: This suggests applications on a loading ramp and loading/unloading HGVs.

Fully informed at all times

The 2-inch display (optional) as the main display and clear instruments offers the user control at a glance:

  • Battery discharge indication, operation hours and fault diagnostics.
  • Choice of three travel programs.
  • Activation of the truck by EasyAccess via softkey, PIN code or transponder card (optional).

Innovative Li-ion technology

  • High truck availability due to extremely short charging times: After a boost charging time of just 30 minutes, the battery is charged to 50% and after 80 minutes to 100%.
  • No battery changing necessary.
  • Proof voltage always ensures full power.
  • Costs are saved due to longer service life and low maintenance compared with lead-acid batteries.
  • No charging rooms and ventilation required as there is no build up of gas.
  • Easy charging at any 230-V the mains socket thanks to on-board charger (optional).

Additional equipment

Comprehensive accessories allow for individual tailoring to your requirements:

  • Tandem load rollers.
  • Load guard.
  • Cold store version.
  • SilentDrive for quiet operation.

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