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Jungheinrich Forklift Trucks

Diesel/LPG Counterbalance Truck (4000 - 5000 kg)

DFG/TFG 540s/545s/550s/S50s

Diesel and LPG Counterbalanced Trucks with
Hydrostatic Drive (4000, 4500, 4990, 5000 kg)

Lift (standard mast)
3500 mm
Capacity / load
from 4,00 to 5,00 t

  • Low fuel consumption
  • Excellent stability during travel due to extremely low centre of gravity and high pivot steer axle
  • Generously designed operator workplace
  • Driver assistance systems (optional)

Jungheinrich Diesel and LPG counterbalanced trucks with hydrostatic drive give a productivity particularly in shuttle operations (e.g. trailer and loading bay operations). The power of this drive technology is demonstrated to full advantage: high acceleration, rapid direction changes and precise driving characteristics. With 5 operating programmes, the performance characteristics can be adapted to the requirements of numerous varied applications.

State-of-the-art engines from the automotive industry give precise operation and optimum productivity combined with low fuel consumption minimised by their electronic control systems. All engines have low exhaust emissions and comply with at least the current EU regulations. The diesel truck is fitted with a diesel particle filter as standard. A closed-loop three-way catalytic converter is available as an option for the LPG trucks.

The workplace is optimally laid out with the operator in mind. It provides safety, protects the operator’s health and ensures relaxed and concentrated operation – the best basis for high productivity throughout the shift. The roof panel, made out of safety glass, offers ideal protection against foul weather and small falling objects. The improved lighting level makes for a more pleasant working environment and helps make loading and unloading operations quicker and safer.


Ergonomic operator workplace

  • Easy and safe access due to a large step easily visible from above.
  • Floating Cab: vibration isolation with damped power train mountings and operator workplace module.
  • Height and rake adjustable, slim steering column with memory function.
  • Easy entry to the cab: the steering column tilts forward by means of a simple pull on the memory function lever.
  • Excellent all-round visibility due to special roof and scuttle design.
  • The special roof and scuttle designs including a strut-free safety glass roof panel ensure excellent all-round visibility.
  • SOLO-PILOT, Comfort Display and operating console are integrated into the right hand armrest and are particularly easy to operate and read.

Assistance systems

  • Deactivation of hydraulic functions if seat is unoccupied.
  • No uncontrolled roll-back on ramps or inclines due to the automatic parking brake, even with the engine switched off.
  • Excellent stability due to extremely low centre of gravity and high pivot steer axle.

A range of optional driver assistance systems provide even more safety for the operator, the forklift and the load:

  • Access Control: Allows operation of the forklift only if “seat occupied” and “safety belt locked” recognition are activated in a defined sequence.
  • Drive Control: Automatic travel speed reduction when cornering. Additional travel speed reduction occurs with lift heights in excess of approx. 1.500 mm.
  • Lift Control (includes “Drive Control”): Automatic mast tilt speed reduction occurs with lift heights in excess of approx. 1.500 mm. Tilt angle is displayed via an individual display unit.

Handling efficiency and drive characteristics

Key advantages of hydrostatic drive:

  • Electronic control for precise adjustment of drive and hydraulic functions.
  • Optimum handling performance particularly in shuttle operations.
  • 5 electronically selectable operating programmes ensure optimum performance parameters for every application.
  • Automatic engine speed increase during lifting and lowering.
  • Optional double pedal operation.
  • Low maintenance costs due to direct drive without wearing parts, such as clutch, differential and gears.

Intelligent electronics

  • Splash-proof electronic drive and hydraulic controllers (IP 64) in CAN-Bus design.
  • Electronically controlled motors.
  • TFG with maintenance-free, electronic ignition system.
  • Sensitive adjustment of hydraulic functions via electromagnetic valves.


The hydrostatic drive allows completely wearfree braking:

  • Frequent brake pedal operation is no longer necessary.
  • Parking brake: sprung-loaded laminated oil immersed parking brake as a maintenance-free, enclosed system.
  • Safety on ramps: The parking brake is activated automatically when the truck stands still or the engine is switched off.


The high performance filter system ensures clean hydraulic oil and a long service life of all components.

  • Combined suction and return flow filter system for optimum cold running.
  • Hydraulic tank integrated in chassis.
  • Ventilation of hydraulic tank via the filter.
  • Pressure relief valves protect against excess pressure and overloading.


All mast components are designed for optimum visibility, maximum stability and long service life:

  • Slender mast profiles with lift cylinders behind for maximum visibility.
  • Damping on mast and tilt cylinders for increased handling safety.

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