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Jungheinrich Forklift Trucks

Electric Pedestrian Pallet Truck (2000 kg)


Electric Pedestrian Pallet Truck
(2000 kg)

Lift (standard mast)
540 mm
Capacity / load
2.00 t

  • Powerful thanks to maintenance-free 3-phase AC drive motor
  • Fully manoeuvrable with tiller in upright position due to crawl speed button
  • Manoeuvrable and compact thanks to the short chassis length
  • Integrated charger for easy charging at any mains socket (optional)

The EJE C20 is a pedestrian pallet truck which can also be used for order picking and light stacking operations. In addition to the support arm lift the load can be raised to an overall height of 759 mm via a simplex mast contained in the battery compartment. This allows the operator for example to pick goods at a comfortable height.

Light stacking operations, such as stacking half Euro pallets, can be easily undertaken through the separate support arm and mast lift (optional). The support arm lift capacity is 2000 kg while the mast lift capacity is 700 kg.

There is also a powerful AC drive motor. The efficiency of this motor ensures high speeds and excellent acceleration with low energy consumption ideal for high productivity.

The operator has everything under control at all times, thanks to the low mounted long tiller. This provides a safe distance between the operator and the truck, especially when cornering the EJE C20 never gets too close to the operator. And if space becomes too tight, the crawl speed button allows safe travel with the tiller in the upright position. One touch of the button is sufficient: the brake is released and the drive speed is automatically reduced.

The re-designed multi-functional tiller arm comes packed with innovations: sealed sensor system (IP 65) for maximum protection, switches with contactor-less electronics for smooth operation, and clearly arranged switches for excellent ergonomics.


Innovative 3-phase AC technology

Jungheinrich 3-phase AC motors offer greater performance whilst at the same time reducing operating costs over the entire life of the truck:

  • High efficiency levels with excellent energy management.
  • Powerful acceleration.
  • Stepless smooth control of the travel speed via the travel switch.
  • Rapid travel direction change without pause.
  • No carbon brushes – maintenance-free drive motor.
  • Two year warranty on the drive motor.

Comfortable operation

The SpeedControl impulse control system facilitates comfortable, safe travel:

  • The speed set by the drive switch is maintained under all travel conditions – even on gradients / descents.
  • If the EJE C20 starts to roll away on the ramp it brakes automatically.
  • Individually adjustable drive parameters (acceleration, top speed, motor brake) enable the truck to be tailored to individual requirements.
  • The operator may choose from 3 different travel programs (optional).
  • Energy recovery through regenerative braking on deceleration.
  • Very low noise level when travelling.

Fully informed at all times

Extensive instrument display and setting options allow the operator to monitor the situation at a glance:

  • Discharge indicator (3 colour LED) with lift cut-out.
  • Adjustable drive parameters through CanDis and CanCode (optional).
  • CanDis information display (optional) with additional service hour display and service data storage.
  • PIN activation of truck and choice of 3 travel programmes via CanCode (optional).

Optimum cornering

Sprung and hydraulically cushioned support wheels linked via the ProTracLink torsion bar – distribute equalising forces dependent on travel conditions i.e. evenly across all wheels during straight-line travel; concentrated on the outer support wheel during cornering.

Reduced maintenance costs

Service-friendly components ensure a significant long-term reduction in operating costs:

  • Maintenance-free AC drive motor with no carbon brushes.
  • Easy access to all parts with one-piece front panel with just 2 screws.
  • Excellent protection against dust and humidity through enclosure of controller and connectors to IP 54.
  • The ProtracLink technology reduces tyre wear when operating on a ramp due to equalising effect of the torsion bar. This bar also keeps the support wheels at the same height and when they go over the edge of a loading dock or dock-leveller, unlike a spring loaded wheel they easily drive back into dafety.

Optimum pallet handling

  • Enclosed skids on both fork tips for easy entry into empty Euro or perimeter based pallets.
  • Separate control of mast and support arm lift to remove semi / quarter pallets from Euro pallets (option).

Long uptimes

The energy-saving 3-phase AC system combined with a 250 Ah battery capacity ensures long operation times:

  • 2 PzB 200 Ah batteries for vertical battery removal.
  • Sideways battery removal (optional) for 2 PzB 250 Ah batteries.
  • On-board charger (24V/30 A for wet cell batteries and maintenance-free batteries) for easy charging at any mains socket (optional).

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