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Jungheinrich Forklift Trucks

Pedestrian Controlled Counterbalance Truck
(600, 1200 kg)

EJG 106-112

Pedestrian controlled counterbalance truck
(600, 1200 kg)

Lift (standard mast)
2500 mm
Capacity / load
from 0.60 to 1.20 t

  • Compact and manoeuvrable
  • Sensitive tiller operated lifting and lowering through speed-controlled hydraulic motor
  • High performance with maintenance-free AC drive motor

The Jungheinrich EJG is a pedestrian controlled counterbalance truck which can be used wherever support arm stacker trucks cannot operate (e.g. lifting perimeter based pallets directly from the floor, special load sizes, racking with collision protection). With an overall width of just 910 mm and a high degree of manoeuvrability, the truck can also be operated with ease in confined warehouse areas.

As a flexible truck the EJG offers many advantages:

  • Extremely sturdy chassis and load section.
  • High ground clearance and large load wheels for comfortable travel on uneven ground.
  • Sensitive lifting and lowering.
  • Excellent energy management.

Also there are ergonomic benefits: * The bottom mounted, long tiller ensures a safe clearance from the chassis for the operator.

  • The crawl button assists in extremely confined areas. It allows the truck to travel at an automatically reduced speed with the tiller upright.

The EJG draws the required energy from batteries with up to 375 Ah capacity.


Innovative AC technology

Jungheinrich AC motors offer higher performance and reduce running costs:

  • High efficiency levels with excellent energy management.
  • Rapid and smooth acceleration.
  • Fast change of direction.
  • No carbon brushes – the drive motor is maintenance-free.
  • Two-year warranty on the drive motor.

Counterbalanced stacking

  • The counterbalance design without interference from support arms enables perimeter based pallets and special load sizes to be used.
  • The generous ground clearance with 200 mm load wheels allows the truck to travel over uneven ground and low thresholds.
  • The short overall length helps operation in confined areas.
  • Precise, gentle load lowering through speed-controlled hydraulic motor.
  • Gentle load lowering through proportional hydraulic system.

Work ergonomically

The newly designed tiller head is ideally suited to the ergonomic needs of the operator.

  • A clear colour coding system and buttons with non-marking symbols for intuitive operation.
  • Grip angle to suit the hand position of the operator.
  • Mechanical steering with bottom mounted tiller.


  • 3 EPzS 375 Ah.
  • 3 PzB 300 Ah.

Readily available information

Extensive controls and setting options allow the operator to check at a glance:

  • Combined discharge indicator (3 colour LED) with lift cutout and charge status display (for on-board charger).
  • “CanDis” information display (optional) with additional hourmeter display and error code logging.
  • PIN activation of truck and choice of 3 travel programmes through “CanCode” (optional).
  • Adjustable travel parameters through CanDis and CanCode (optional).

Reduced maintenance

AC systems provide a clear, long-term reduction in running costs:

  • Maintenance-free drive motor with no carbon brushes.
  • Easy access to all components.
  • Solid protection against dust and humidity for example through IP 54 enclosure of the control system and connectors.

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