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Jungheinrich Forklift Trucks

In Pallet Carrier IPC


In Pallet Carrier IPC

Lift (standard mast)
80 mm
Capacity / load
1.20 t

  • Collision-free pallet storage and retrieval
  • Optimum warehouse space utilisation through low racking compartment height
  • Total system flexibility with the ability to handling different pallet types
  • Operational with virtually any type Jungheinrich truck

The Jungheinrich Compact Storage System with IPC (In Pallet Carrier) – consisting of carrier, carrier truck and channel racking -gives high utilisation of storage space. IPC racking provides room in height and width for several pallet channels. The low height utilisation per channel level and the low first level also gives optimal use of the available storage height. Any Jungheinrich forklift truck with an FEM fork carriage, sufficient residual capacity and sideshift can be used as carrier truck.

The IPC is particularly effective when frequent changes of channels take place, such as required for making different articles available for runs in distribution warehouses.

The IPC is connected to the carrier truck with a special coupling and picks up pallets with its forks. It travels independently in the pallet channel without being connected to the carrier truck. When used in the channel – with or without load – the active locking of carrier to forklift truck is deactivated. After pressing the start button on the operating console, the process control carries out all travel and lift movements independently. Sensors recognise the position of stored pallets. There is therefore no danger of collision when stacking and retrieving new pallets.

Operating terminal and process control communicate via two way radio link run on the registration-free ISM band (433 MHz). After returning to the channel start, the carrier is again picked up by the forklift truck and the locking is activated ready for a new work cycle. The effective monitoring of coupling to forklift truck ensures maximum safety.


Flexibility through handling different pallet types

Different IPC variants facilitate the handling of different load carriers:

  • Euro pallets crosswise.
  • Euro pallets lengthwise.
  • Conventional pallets crosswise.
  • Conventional pallets lengthwise.
  • With movable pallet stop for up to three different pallet sizes in the same racking system.
  • Two half pallets next to each other in the same channel with an IPC with four forks and a central rail for the racking channel.
  • The central rail can also be used for pallets with large deflection or for lengthwise pallet storage.
  • Other variants available on request.

Special functionalities

Stacking and retrieval based on LiFo (Last in, first out) and FiFo (First in, first out) is made easy. The In Pallet Carrier is simply moved to the other end of the channel for the FiFo method.

IPC Compact Storage System in cold stores

Excellent space utilisation is of particular importance for the efficient operation in a cold store. The IPC cold store version (optional) allows application in temperatures up to –30°C. A second battery set with charging trolley increases operational availability.

User-friendly hand-held radio terminal

  • Ergonomic mounting within the operator’s field of vision.
  • Simple operation and clear information display.
  • Well-arranged function keys.
  • Numerous diagnostic functions for Jungheinrich Service.
  • Can also be used in mobile applications.

Easy battery change for 2- and 3-shift operation

The IPC battery charger ensures easy charging at any 230 V mains socket. Depending on the intensity of the application, the carrier with a fully charged battery set is operational for eight to ten hours.

An additional second battery – in combination with a battery changing trolley (optional) – significantly increases the application time in 2- and 3-shift operations. Battery change is carried out in seconds with the spare battery container. The container on rollers is pushed sideways into the carrier and contact is made automatically. In continuous operation, the integrated charger on the battery changing trolley is charging the discharged battery.

Replacement forks for extended application

Any pallet racking can be served during interim periods by fitting replacement forks (optional) to the truck coupling. The carrier can stay in the racking channel during the intervening time. The changeover is done in seconds – without time-consuming installation on the fork carriage.

Larger racking installations with several carriers

Up to twelve different carriers can be dialled up with a hand-held radio terminal for larger racking installations. The operator only needs to change the identification on the hand-held terminal to contact the next carrier.


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