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Jungheinrich Forklift Trucks

Electric Reach Truck
(1400 /1600kg)

ETV/ETM 214/216

Electric Reach Truck
(1400, 1600 kg)

Lift (standard mast)
5600 mm
Capacity / load
from 1.40 to 1.60 t

  • Maximum throughput with the lowest energy consumption
  • Sensitive handling while driving and lifting
  • Generous operator workplace
  • Assistance systems to adapt trucks to your specific application

Space-saving design, high performance data, innovative technology and optimum ergonomic working conditions. These are the strengths of the Jungheinrich ETM/ETV 214/216 reach trucks. Whether for handling pallets, operating in drive-through or drive-in racking. Whether for extremely narrow areas or low clearances. Whether for single shift or multishift applications: the ETV 214/216 reach trucks offer the perfect solution for every application.

The main advantages:

  • Space saving with narrow aisle widths from 2711 mm.
  • Residual capacities of 1000 kg up to more than 10 metres lift height.
  • The very latest drive and control technology ensure greater throughput whilst at the same time reducing energy consumption.

The advanced ergonomics and technology promote productivity and motivate operators, thanks to:

  • With a generously dimensioned cab and outstanding visibility both during travel and when stacking and retrieving.
  • Automotive layout of pedals.
  • Curve Control – the automatic reductions of speed when cornering.

180° and 360° steering: Allows the operator to select between minimum turning radius and rapid change in travel direction.

SOLO-PILOT control lever: For sensitive stacking, even at high lift heights.

The right configuration for your needs: An extensive catalogue of options with a wide variety of assistance systems and battery versions from 465 to 775 Ah ensures the truck can be adapted to suit any application.


Ergonomic cockpit

The operator position provides ideal working conditions for relaxed, maximum performance.

  • Comfort seat with adjustment options for seating position, backrest and body weight.
  • Plenty of storage options.
  • Important truck controls are within easy reach.
  • Generous space, even for tall operators.
  • Electric steering (choose 180° or 360°).
  • Standard automotive layout of pedals.
  • Panoramic overhead guard for an unobstructed view of the raised load (optional).

SOLO-PILOT control lever

Control lever for activating all hydraulic functions and the horn and for selecting the travel direction.

  • All the controls are within the operators field of vision and are clearly designated for each specific function.
  • Travel direction switch features intuitive direction change.
  • Sensitive control of all functions for operating accuracy within millimetres.
  • Extra attachments such as a fork positioner (optional) are also conveniently controlled by the SOLO-PILOT.

Easy-to-read operator display

High-quality control instruments displaying the most important operating data.

  • Display of direction of travel and wheel position.
  • Battery status with display of time remaining until the next charging.
  • A choice of three travel programs for individual adaptation to any needs.
  • Operating hours and time of day.
  • Lift height (optional).
  • Load weight (optional).
  • Residual capacity (optional).

High-performance mast

Jungheinrich masts guarantee maximum safety and space utilisation to high lift heights.

  • Triplex masts with lifting heights up to 10,700 mm.
  • Excellent visibility to the load.
  • Lowest clearances at high lift heights.
  • High residual capacities even at high lift heights.
  • Patented mast -reach cushioning (optional).
  • Energy recovery through patented regenerative lowering (optional).

Optional packages for different conditions of use

  • ‘Efficiency’ for the longest operating time with one battery.
  • 'Drive Plus' for applications with frequent long routes.
  • 'Lift Plus' for extensive lifting to high lift heights.
  • Holder for radio data terminal, writing board or video monitor, for example.

Assistance systems (optional)

For more achievement and less load:

  • Operation control: The load weight is sequentially measured and compared with the remainder load-carrying capacity of the vehicle. During approach of the limit value an optical and acoustic warning reference takes place.
  • Position control: For a simple and a fast a piles without additional pressing of keys.
  • Warehouse control: Orders for pile are transferred automatically by the stock management system. Thus false storages are avoided. * Anti-slip regulation: For more traction on wet or dusty grounds.

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