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Jungheinrich Forklift Trucks

Stainless Steel Scissor Lift Hand Pallet Truck (1500 kg)

AMX I15/I15p/I15e/I15ep

Stainless Steel Scissor Lift Hand Pallet Truck
(1500 kg)

Lift (standard mast)
710 mm
Capacity / load
1.50 t
    • Lubrication nipples on all moving parts for long service life
    • Electro plated surfaces for straightforward cleaning
    • Electric lift (AMX I15e)
    • Robust and reliable

The Inox versions of the AMX I15 / I15e scissor lift hand pallet trucks are ideal for transporting goods in areas where absolute hygiene is required. The advantages of the stainless steel range come to the fore in damp and harsh environments.

Tailored to the application at hand, it is possible to choose from a number of different versions. Our decades of experience in stainless steel hand pallet trucks are reflected today in completely reliable and robust trucks.

In meat or fish processing, the chemical or pharmaceuticals sectors, scissor lift hand pallet trucks offer the right solution.


Easy handling

  • Smooth controls for both left and right-handed operators.
  • Special lowering valve for sensitive, controlled load lowering.
  • Short front end dimension (340 mm) ensures safe operation even in confined spaces.
  • Improved stability combined with floor protection thanks to standard tandem rollers.

Optimum hygiene

  • The enclosed fork tips ensure that no dirt sprays up from the fork rollers onto the load during travel.
  • Freely accessible or fully enclosed cavities allow for effective cleaning with no “hiding places for bacteria”.
  • Grease nipples on critical moving parts.
  • Food grade lubricant (class H1 and H2).

Lift height

Extra support legs offer high stability up to a height of 800 mm.

Effortless lifting and lowering

  • Option of manual hydraulic (AMX I15) or electro-hydraulic (AMX I15e) with 1.2 kW lift motor.
  • Integrated pump unit with reservoir.
  • Sensitive lowering with hand lever. The lowering valve is incorporated in the pump unit. The hydraulic system is protected against overloading by a pressure relief valve.


Robust, torsion-resistant construction with closed fork tips.

Maintenance-free battery and built-in charger (AMX I15e)

Built-in electronically controlled battery charger.

Charging possible at any 240-V mains socket.

Maintenance-free 65 Ah battery.


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