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Jungheinrich Forklift Trucks

Stainless Steel Hand Pallet Truck (2000 kg)

AM I20/I20p

Stainless Steel Hand Pallet Truck
(2000 kg)

Lift (standard mast)
115 mm
Capacity / load
2.00 t

  • Unique controls
  • Robust and reliable
  • Grease nipples on all moving parts
  • Acid-resistant chassis
  • Compact and manoeuvrable

The Jungheinrich AM stainless steel hand pallet truck is ideal for use in damp and hostile environments. Wherever absolute hygiene is required, the advantages of stainless steel come to the fore.

A whole range of models are available, depending on the application.

Jungheinrich's decades of experience in stainless steel hand pallet trucks is reflected today in its reliable and robust trucks. In meat or fish processing, chemical or pharmaceuticals sectors, Jungheinrich stainless steel hand pallet trucks offer the right solution.


Easy to operate

The easy to operate control is suitable for both left and right-handers. The special lowering valve enables loads to be lowered precisely.

Optimum hygiene

The enclosed fork tips ensure that no dirt can spray up through the fork tips to the load. Freely accessible or fully enclosed cavities allow for effective cleaning with no 'hiding spots' for bacteria. Grease nipples on all moving parts and food-grade grease (class H1 and H2) complete the solution.

Speedy during transport

The very short chassis length of 340 mm allows for safe and easy operation even in confined spaces. Brackets on the fork tips enable the forks to extend and retract easily.

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