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Jungheinrich Forklift Trucks

Electric Tow Tractor (5000 kg)

EZS 350/350XL

Electric Tow Tractor
(5000 kg)

Lift (standard mast)
0 mm
Capacity / load
5.00 t
  • Precise control with electric steering and JetPilot
  • SpeedControl impulse control system
  • Safe cornering with Curve Control
  • Semi-automatic remote coupling release directly from the operator platform (optional)

The Jungheinrich EZS 350 is a versatile, economical tow tractor for towing trailers up to 5000 kg. Attaching several trailers allows the loading areas to be varied. This contributes to flexible material turnover.

The coupling is visible from any position and easily accessible. The semi-automatic remote coupling release (optional) allows the coupling/releasing of trailers without the operator having to leave the platform. This saves time and costs. A further advantage: The tractor is available with several different couplings and can thus be adapted to any type of trailer.

The 24 V drive motor with its 3-phase AC technology ensures a high performance. The advantages: Powerful acceleration and high maximum speed. Combined with significant energy savings, extended operating times and minimised maintenance costs (due to omission of carbon brushes). This is due to the optimisation between drive motor and the electronic control, as well as the regenerative braking.

The main ergonomic advantages are the low stand-on platform for frequent mounting and dismounting and the short distance from operator position to load.

The EZS operates effortlessly in confined spaces due to its very tight turning circle. Its turning radius is so low that the operator will feel that they are turning on the spot. The JetPilot steering wheel, supportive backrest and automatic Curve Control speed reduction as well as the load wheels with CSE tyres provide comfort and safety, especially on corners.


Innovative 3-phase AC technology

Jungheinrich 3-phase AC motors offer you higher performance while simultaneously reducing operating costs. Make the most of these advantages:

  • High level of efficiency with excellent energy management.
  • Powerful acceleration.
  • Rapid change in direction of travel
  • No carbon brushes – maintenance-free drive motor.
  • Two-year warranty on the drive motor.

Comfortable and safe operation

The SpeedControl impulse control and Curve Control automatic speed reduction when cornering provide smooth, safe travel adjustable for every application:

  • The speed set by the drive switch is maintained under all travel conditions including every travel situations including gradients / descents.
  • 3 adjustable travel programs for individual adjustment to set requirements.
  • Regenerative braking with energy recovery when slowing down.
  • Safe cornering, the operator has the truck under control at all times.

Optimum ergonomics

  • Low stand-on platform for frequent, effortless mounting and dismounting.
  • Short distances for the operator from platform to coupling or to the load.
  • Coupling can be seen from any position and is easily accessible.
  • Trailers are coupled and released quickly and easily through semi-automatic remote release from the operator position (optional).
  • Electric steering with JetPilot steering wheel.
  • Various couplings are available for different trailer types.

Robust construction for hard

  • Chassis made of high-quality 8 mm sheet steel.
  • Extra high front chassis apron.

Long operating times

Energy-saving 3-phase AC technology and large battery capacities allow extended operating times:

  • Standard version: 3 PzS 420 (450) Ah.

Well informed at any time

Function display and instruments, give the operator a constant flow of information.

  • “CanDis” (optional) informs on battery charge condition, operating hours and fault codes.
  • Truck activation via PIN and choice of 3 travel programmes via keyboard (optional).
  • Adjustable travel parameters via CanDis and CanCode (optional).

Additional equipment

Extensive accessories provide individual adjustment to your application requirements:

  • Pedestrian operation from both sides via a button in the backrest.
  • Semi-automatic remote coupling release.
  • Additional collision protection made of steel and/or rubber.
  • Holder for radio data transmission terminal.

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