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Jungheinrich Forklift Trucks

Live Storage Racking Systems


Pallet Live Storage

Pallets are stored on Pallet Racking (APR) on inclined gravity rollers from one end and roll down to picking end followed by other pallets. When the 1st pallet is taken from "pick" area, the 2nd pallet rolls into position at picking end. Thus following FIRST IN, FIRST OUT (FIFO) principle, and provides an automatic stock rotation. Ideal for food industry and perishable items.

The follow of pallets on steel roller is controlled by brakes and speed controllers, fitted within the roller tracks and depends on the length of the tracks and the weight of loads. Minimum Forklift Operation is required for even dense storage area.

Carton Live Storage

Carton Live Storage

Similar to Pallet Live Storage, except that the stock is hand-loaded, also know as FLOW RACKS. Stocks are allowed to roll under gravity from loading to picking area on plastic rollers.

This application is particularly suitable for assembly line, order picking, packing and dispatch area.

Push Back System

Push Back System

Push Back System offers a high density racking system where goods are stored on inclined roller-tracks, and pushed back. Available in depths of up to 4 pallets on FIRST IN, LAST OUT (FILO) principle. This application is particularly suitable for bulk storage or marshalling areas.

Available in two configurations: Roller Type & Track Type. When the 1st load is taken out, the 2nd pallet rolls forward into position at picking area.

This system utilizes one aisle for picking and deposit.

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