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Jungheinrich Forklift Trucks

New C Series Reach Truck

Jungheinrich Unveils New C Series Reach Truck


High energy efficiency / Super-elastic tires and high ground clearance for indoor and outdoor work / Sensitive controls / Lift heights of up to 7.40 metres

For the summer of 2015 Jungheinrich has announced the market launch of its new C series reach trucks. These ETV C16 and ETV C20 reach trucks can transport loads of up to two tonnes and are equally suitable for indoor and outdoor operations.

Super-elastic tyres and high ground clearance give these trucks the edge when it comes to transporting goods reliably and safely – whether on a smooth concrete floor in the warehouse or on a bumpy asphalt surface around the HGV loading bay. "The ETV C series reach trucks are ideally suited for transporting goods on varying floor and ground surfaces, for example for combined hall and yard work," explains Joachim Schier, Head of Product Management for Reach Trucks at Jungheinrich. "Thanks to their compact design and reach technology, they are also adept at working in the tightest of spaces. The combination of these features means the customer only needs one type of truck to master a variety of operations."

High Energy Efficiency and Improved Throughput

"In terms of productivity our new generation reach trucks represent the state of the art," comments Schier. "Compared with the previous edition, these forklifts deliver even greater throughput with simultaneous lower energy consumption." Jungheinrich achieves this high energy efficiency through the optimised interaction of Jungheinrich’s drive systems, controllers and software – all designed and manufactured in-house.

The triple masts of the ETV C series reach trucks attain lift heights of up to 7.40 metres. The high quality and robust mast uprights offer improved torsion resistance and higher residual lifting capacities, even at big lift heights. They also provide the driver with a good view of the forks and payload.

To take the strain off the driver and at the same time increase operational safety, the ergonomically arranged controls make driving and manipulating loads simple, intuitive and precise. The Jungheinrich Curve Control feature makes cornering safe by automatically reducing the speed, dependent on the steering angle, when entering a bend. On account of their compact design, these trucks are suitable for working in aisle widths as narrow as 2,829 millimetres (according to VDI when picking up Euro pallets in a longitudinal direction). This makes the ETV C16 and ETV C20 reach trucks highly suited for economic storage and retrieval cycles at high racking levels and in very confined spaces.

Ergonomic Driver Seat Prevents Premature Fatigue

The driver can easily get on and off the truck using a generously dimensioned, non-slip step. Inside the ergonomically designed workplace, the outstanding headroom and legroom also make tall drivers feel at home. The operator can adjust the comfort seat to his body size by modifying the seat position and backrest height as well as setting the body weight. At the controls the operator can access plenty of storage options for stowing personal items. All major controls are in easy reach. The pedals are arranged as in a car.

With the optional steering changeover feature, the driver can push a button to switch the steering from 180° to 360°. For the new ETV C an operator-protecting panorama roof is also available as an option – a feature which has been employed with great success for the other Jungheinrich reach trucks. This roof offers ideal visibility and the ideal protection for the driver in any situation, regardless of how small or large the payload.

The MultiPilot and SoloPilot controls provide for safe and intuitive operation of the truck, allowing the driver to activate all hydraulic functions as well as the travel direction and horn. All controls are within view and are clearly tied to individual functions. The sensitive response of the controls allows the driver to execute his tasks with millimetre precision. Additional attachments – for example an optional fork positioner – are also conveniently operated using sensitive controls.

The high-quality, easy-to-read display informs the driver of all the key operating data, including the direction of travel and wheel position. It also provides information on the condition of the battery and the remaining time until recharging is required. Three separately adjustable drive programs make it easy to adapt the ETV C to each particular case. "The handy, operator-friendly design of our reach trucks means less stress and strain for the driver in his daily work and better health as a result," remarks Joachim Schier, adding that "This is the only way he can also positively influence the throughput performance of his vehicle."

Optional Assistance Systems Increase Productivity and Safety

With a wide range of assistance systems Jungheinrich provides additional tools that make the driver’s work easier and improve efficiency on the job. The Position Control assistance system, for instance, ensures quick and easy stacking at pre-set storage heights. Moreover, to make things even easier the new SNAP function means the operator can activate the semi-automatic, pre-set lift height option. According to Joachim Schier, "A slight forwards and backwards rocking movement on the lift speed control instructs the truck to automatically detect the next racking level, making manual selection of the height unnecessary." The system uses a built-in balance to automatically distinguish between storage and retrieval operations.

By continually measuring the weight of the payload via sensors and synchronising this with the current lift height of the truck, the Operation Control assistance system ensures the residual capacity is not exceeded. Both visual and acoustic warning signals alert the driver if the permissible residual capacity has been exceeded.

Since every set of operational requirements is different, the reach truck can be fitted with numerous options to match each particular case. These options include weather protected driver’s cabins, available in three different variations and guaranteeing ideal protection for frequent outdoor jobs.

Schier sums up the advantages of the new truck series as follows: "Whether it involves operations with pallet racks or continuous racking systems, or whether the vehicles are deployed in single or multi-shift operations, or whether they are to be used frequently outdoors fitted with our optional, convenient weather protecting cabins – our reach trucks offer the client a tailored solution for a variety of special cases."

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