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Jungheinrich Forklift Trucks

New Generation of Lithium-ion Batteries

Jungheinrich Introduces New Generation of Lithium-ion Batteries

New milestone for intralogistics / 30 minutes of battery charging enough for entire shift / Lithium-Ion technology already cost-effective for multi-shift operations / Expensive battery changing no longer required

In the course of the current year Jungheinrich will introduce a completely new generation of lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 240 and 360 ampere-hours. As early as CeMAT 2014 the Hamburg-based enterprise had unveiled a prototype of this new energy storage system to a world audience. Developed in the group’s own "Energy and Drive Systems" division, these innovative batteries can be charged for a complete shift in just 30 minutes. In the words of Dr Klaus-Dieter Rosenbach, member of the Jungheinrich Board of Management in charge of Engineering, this new development "represents a milestone for the further refinement of energy storage systems for the entire field of intralogistics!"

Apart from lithium-ion technology, the new energy storage concept comprises highly efficient industrial trucks fitted with an interface to an intelligent battery-management system, charging techniques based on the use of rapid-charging equipment and professional energy consulting. The new lithium-ion batteries from Jungheinrich are especially suited to large battery-powered platform trucks as well as to horizontal order pickers. And they will one day be capable of replacing conventional lead acid batteries with considerably higher capacities.

New Horizontal Order Picker: One Truck, Two Battery Concepts

At LogiMAT 2015 Jungheinrich will be presenting its new battery solution for the first time in conjunction with a mass-produced vehicle. This consists of a horizontal order picker, type ECE 220/225 – the first of a new generation of Jungheinrich low-platform order pickers, combining two different battery concepts in a single truck. This means the order picker can be fitted with conventional lead acid batteries (ECE 220/225) as well as with lithium-ion batteries (ECE 220i/225i).

The new energy storage concept from Jungheinrich allows the user to recharge the battery even during breaks. "These batteries can be fully charged in just one and a half hours," explains Rosenbach, "which means a single half hour is enough to charge the battery for a shift." Users who use their trucks for multi-shift operations will in future be able to dispense with expensive battery changing, translating into cost savings for charging stations, expensive equipment like cranes or substitute batteries and the associated man-hours.

Rosenbach: "Lithium-Ion technology is already cost-effective today."

Industrial trucks equipped with lithium-ion technology already consume up to 30 percent less energy compared to trucks fitted with conventional lead acid batteries, and the service life of lithium-ion batteries is approximately three times as long. Lithium-ion batteries moreover have a greater discharge capacity. Whereas lead acid batteries generally only use only some 80 percent of the energy stored in them, lithium-ion batteries achieve energy utilisation of approximately 90 percent. In combination with falling prices on the world market for lithium-ion cells, this adds up to a further cost reduction. According to Rosenbach, this means that "lithium-ion batteries are already cost-effective for multi-shift operations today," a claim he said had already been "borne out by extensive testing in the field".

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