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Jungheinrich Forklift Trucks

Jungheinrich Wins IFOY 2015 Award

Jungheinrich Wins IFOY 2015 Award in the Category of Counter Balanced Trucks Up to 3.5 Tonnes

IFOY 2015

Jungheinrich was successful this year in the International Forklift Truck of the Year Awards (IFOY) in the category of Counter Balanced Trucks Up to 3.5 Tonnes. The Hamburg-based company’s EFG S30s was honoured by a high-calibre jury made up of international trade journalists.

"We are delighted at our recent nominations and the success of our vehicles and solutions at IFOY 2015, clearly demonstrating that Jungheinrich continues to set new engineering standards in the industry," declared Marcus Karst, Vice President Sales and Marketing at Jungheinrich. The Hamburg-based company had already been the recipient of this high-calibre award several times previously to the announcement, winning in the categories of Counter Balanced Trucks Over 3.5 Tonnes and Warehouse Trucks. "The new issuance of an award for our electric counterbalanced truck underscores our pace-setting role in terms of innovation and client benefits," continued Karst.

Electric Counterbalanced Truck: 2-Shift Operation, No Battery Change Necessary

This counterbalanced truck EFG S30s is essentially the "little brother" of the EFG S40s model, which likewise won an IFOY Award the previous year. Produced at the Jungheinrich plant in Moosburg, Germany, this truck stands out for its advanced, ergonomic operator workstation. The innovative workstation offers a holistic, intuitive operating interface as well as a completely redesigned, ergonomic armrest. The new truck moreover features an operator dialogue system with a new controller as well as a colour TFT display, a USB port and the opportunity to install various hardware and software applications.

The EFG S30s also exemplifies the new "Pure Energy" concept, which provides for extremely low energy consumption, making it possible to operate the vehicle over two shifts without needing to change the battery. Since February 2015 Jungheinrich has offered the option of two-shift operation without the need to recharge or change batteries for its battery-powered forklifts.

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